ANC Wrap-up: Police fantasies, sucking up to Harvard, and left-turn lanes

Monday’s Advisory Neighborhood Committee meeting was short on entertainment, but awfully long on just about everything else.

Topics included how to ease the traffic jams at the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, a monthly public safety report, some complaints about the Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s moratorium, and a University’s ten-year plan—but sadly, it wasn’t Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan. Let’s get to the wrap:

Ed Solomon: Private Eye

In what we can only imagine was a long-gestating dream, Commissioner Ed Solomon delivered the evening’s public safety report after MPD Lieutenant Jon Hedgecock couldn’t attend the meeting.

“As far as crime in our area, it’s still basically what we reported last month,” Solomon said as he presumably imagined himself chasing down petty crooks and arresting bank robbers. “It’s trending down but there’s been some high-visibility crime in our neighborhood.”

According to Solomon, who we hope dons a mask and fights crime on the streets of Georgetown, MPD plans to move extra police officers from Friday and Saturday nights to “other higher crime nights.”

See? The ANC doesn’t hate every university!

Did you know that Harvard University technically has a campus in Georgetown? Well, now you do. Since 1940, Harvard trustees have operated the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collections, a center for Byzantine, pre-Columbian, and landscape architecture studies. (We don’t understand the focuses either. Let’s just move on.)

Because the Dumbarton Oaks Library falls within ANC 2E—at 1703 32nd Street, to be exact—Harvard had to present its ten-year plan to ANC commissioners for approval. The plan was modest, to say the least; Harvard only plans to add five research fellows and 10 staff members to the Library over the next decade. But, some of Georgetown’s ANC commissioners almost fell over themselves to praise Harvard.

“Thankfully, tonight’s ten-year campus plan will prove not to be controversial,” Commissioner Ron Lewis said. “I’ve long thought that Harvard was a classy institution.”

With tongue-in-cheek, Commissioner Charles Eason added, “I’m proud to say that Harvard hasn’t caused any problems with fraternities or sororities or off-campus housing in our district.”

For ambi-turners only

As any of Georgetown student can attest, the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue is always busy. In an attempt to alleviate some of the traffic on the roads—and stop drivers from cutting north on 33rd Street—the ANC unanimously voted to support the construction of a left-turn signal on the eastbound side of M Street. Even Ward Two Councilmember Jack Evans dropped by to voice his support.

“Having a left-turn arrow is something that this community has asked for,” Evans said.

According to D.C. Department of Transportation Director Gabe Klein, adding the left-turn signal will be a bit tricky. While Klein said that a left-turn signal could be up and running in two months, he added that DDOT would have to remove eleven parking spaces along M Street to prevent an increased wait-time at the intersection. (Isn’t city planning riveting stuff?)

Later, Solomon proposed the idea of a Barnes Dance at the intersection, but Lewis wasn’t having any of it.

“Let’s do the signal first, then we’ll work on the Barnes Dance,” Lewis said.

4 Comments on “ANC Wrap-up: Police fantasies, sucking up to Harvard, and left-turn lanes

  1. Georgetown doesn’t have fraternities or sororities either. ZING!

  2. The focuses are from the fact that the Blisses collected both Byzantine and Pre-Columbian (i.e. Central and South American before Columbus showed up) art. The landscape architecture part comes from the fact they lived in a ridiculous estate.

    You should stop by the inside museum sometime to check out the Byantine and Pre-Columbian stuff. It’s free and really cool.

  3. @ Old Dude

    I’ve walked around Dumbarton Oaks a bit before, but never into the Library. Thanks for the background information!

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