University responds to 2010 Campus Plan opposition

7/8 UPDATE: It looks like the University switched out Dimolitsas’s letter for a more-detailed chart [PDF]. At the bottom of this post, we’ve republished a copy of the original letter.

On Tuesday, a Georgetown University official finally responded to mounting opposition to the 2010 Campus Plan.

In an open letter addressed to “Friends and Neighbors,” Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Spiros Dimolitsas addressed concerns about the 2010 Campus Plan—with hopes that the University and the surrounding neighborhoods can “move forward together.”

Without directly addressed specific “mischaracterizations,” Dimolitsas briefly outlined details about the University’s enrollment figures, student housing, off-campus conduct, and air quality.

While the information in the letter is nothing new, it nonetheless comes during a contentious time between the University and local residents. Both the Burleith Citizens’ Association (BCA) and the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown (CAG) are in the midst of months-long fund raising campaigns to fight the University. In recent weeks, the BCA circulated form letters and an online petition to galvanize opposition to the Campus Plan. (And don’t forget about those pesky lawn signs. Or ours!)

The University is expected to file its 2010 Campus Plan with the D.C. Office of Planning sometime this summer.

Campus Plan Open Letter

7 Comments on “University responds to 2010 Campus Plan opposition

  1. It’s a good thing this was a timely response before the neighborhood associations held several meetings to spread their misinformation.

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  3. Spell check: it’s Gallaudet, not Galluadet.

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