EXCELLENT NEWS: Georgetown to offer wireless access in all dorms

Remember when we declared that “Georgetown is still not even close to being a totally-wireless campus?”

Boy, were we wrong.

Over the next academic year, University Information Services (UIS) will overhaul the network infrastructure of Alumni Square, Copley Hall, Darnall Hall, Harbin Hall, Henle Village, LXR, Nevils, Village A, and Village C.

That’s right—when UIS finishes its upgrades, every residence hall at Georgetown will have wireless internet access.

“Working with University leadership, we recognized that there’s many areas on campus that need wireless internet access,” UIS Director Beth Ann Bergsmark said. “But, everybody agreed that the residence halls are a priority.”

The University will fund the upgrades through a partnership with Cisco Systems, which was “very, very aggressive with their discounts,” according to Bergsmark.

In order to guarantee a fast-paced conversion, UIS plans to upgrade the residence halls simultaneously. Bergsmark claimed that the entire process will run through the fall semester, but added that it will “definitely” be done by the end of the spring semester.

“I don’t want to commit to anything, but we’re trying to do everything we can to get it up as quickly as possible,” she said.

When the networks are up and running, students can expect faster internet connections than those currently in residence halls outfitted for wireless access, such as the South-West Quad.

“The speeds will be faster,” Bergsmark said. “You’ll notice better speeds in high-density coverage.”

Within the first weeks of the fall semester, UIS will publish a schedule to notify students about construction and conversion dates.

(And if you’re reading this, David Lambert, we’d like to buy you an apology drink. If you’re up for it, send us an email.)

19 Comments on “EXCELLENT NEWS: Georgetown to offer wireless access in all dorms

  1. When does "Recent Graduate" turn into "unemployed"?

    Now I know how the graduating class that left just before our basketball team didn’t suck felt. Holy hell, is this frustrating…

  2. I will believe it when I see it.

    Also, how did we go from “No funding available for wireless expansion,” to “Every residence hall gets wireless within six months to a year”?

  3. Remember when the College students were supposed to get fully-accessorized Gmail accounts in Spring 2009? That ended up not happening until 9 months later, and the Gmail doesn’t do anything aside from mail. I expect similar results here.

  4. Now that the sign competition is over, I think Vox should have Price is Right style game – whoever gets the closest to the actual date that all of the residences are wirelesses without going over gets a prize. Maybe a router with a G painted on it since even when the wireless is up, it’s going to be slower than dial-up

  5. Boo-hoo! You waited 9 months for Gmail, which you were using anyway by just forwarding your e-mails. That’s the fastest anything every happened at Gtown! I once waited in line for 11 months on chicken finger thursday! cry me a river.

  6. Exaggeration isn’t a good look for you.

  7. Matt is asking the right question. How did this come out of the blue? We’ve been told for years that this sort of stuff was a long ways off and then all of a sudden, BAM!

    I have full faith in Georgetown to mess this up in some way.

  8. Also, how about New South? Am I resigned to a year of studying (gasp!) without the distraction of wireless internet after three years of thriving on the Quad wifi?
    Maybe no wifi in New South is just what my senior year GPA needs :)

  9. I love how the University is boasting about this. It’s embarrassing that in 2010, a self-proclaimed major research university does not have reliable wireless internet access in all residential, academic, and social buildings. Just shut up, get it done, and move on to Walsh and ICC.

  10. In answer to the questions: how did this all of a sudden happen? As written in the original post, CISCO has come through with some method that allows GU to proceed within budget constraints. Hmmm…could it be that UIS has been working with CISCO on this for quite a while and finally struck a deal that works for everyone? Ya know, it’s not that the employees at GU just sit around all day waiting for someone to give them money. They work on alternatives, keep plodding along, and are (sometimes) finally successful. Should we be skeptical that this happens in all res halls by the opening of Fall 2011? Absolutely. Should we give credit that progress has been made on what has been the major issue (MONEY), so at least a solution is in sight? Yes!

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  14. @Shruti, New South already has wifi…kinda. It will work like most tech at Georgetown: Sometimes and not very well. I used a media adapter.

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