A response to a response: The 2010 Campus Plan fight continues

In response to Georgetown University’s “misleading” point-by-point letter, the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown (CAG) published a letter of its own, titled “Setting the Record Straight.”

In the letter, CAG accuses the University of violating D.C. zoning laws by “[tolerating] poor, substandard housing conditions, trash and rats, and disorderly behavior by its students living off campus … [creating] an unjustified burden on the surrounding communities, city services, and on GU’s own students.”

CAG President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) believes that the University needs to listen to members of the surrounding community.

“It is wrong for them to think that the community can accommodate this onslaught,” Altemus wrote on a community listserv. “We are saturated. Adding more to this mix is a recipe for disaster.”

The letter continues, listing a number of “GU’s Claims,” followed by “Facts.” All the hotly-debated issues—graduate student enrollment, the definition of a “traditional” undergraduate student, on-campus housing, off-campus conduct, and air quality—made appearances.

Lenore Rubino, President of the Burleith Citizens’ Association (BCA), chimed in this morning to voice her support.

“The BCA supports CAG’s letter and continues to move forward in our efforts to preserve the community,” Rubino wrote in an email.

Let’s hope that the University files its plan with the D.C. Zoning Commission soon, because we’re not sure if Spiros Dimolitsas has it in him to respond to a response of a response.

CAG Response to GU Campus Plan

18 Comments on “A response to a response: The 2010 Campus Plan fight continues

  1. Gosh I hate these lying neighbors. If you don’t want students living in Burleith you need to talk to your neighbors who are renting out the houses. The University cannot control whether or not a student chooses to live off campus. A lot of students will always choose to live off campus no matter how much housing the university provides. The students don’t want the university to add more housing with our money. Stop lying to try and get your way you spoiled brats. The University isn’t evil and isn’t doing anything wrong. You’re completely unreasonable.

  2. im seriously getting bored by all this… the university is evil, the neighbors are selfish douchebags, jennifer altemus is a horrid bitch who deserves to have her degree revoked yada yada yada… lets discuss something more engaging… like the weather

  3. This is hilarious. Aren’t they just preaching to the choir? Who was this distributed to?

  4. Imagine how they’d react if someone tried to build a mosque nearby…

  5. where are these numbers coming from? CAG cites “basic arithmetic” but a more accurate descriptor for their source material is more like “out of the clear blue sky.” if you’re going to dispute the University’s arguments regarding undergraduate enrollment it would probably behoove you to use, you know, actual numbers before screaming OMGZ THEY IZ LYING OMG!!!!!!!

  6. This just in: a compromise has been reached! The fate of the 2010 Georgetown Campus Plan will be decided in the THUNDERDOME where Jack “Squirtle” DeGoia and Jennifer “Bullhead” Altemus will enter and only one shall leave!

  7. Excellent point. I’d say that these residents attended universities that didn’t require them to cite their sources, but Jennifer Altemus went to Georgetown. I guess her research and objective reporting skills are rusty after 22 years.

  8. Wait… who are these students at Georgetown that are not “traditional” undergrads that the neighbors are complaining about?
    Why have I not encountered these potentially bothersome people in my 3 years here?

  9. I think any student who lives in a house that has been SNAP’d for no good reason (and stuck with multiple sanction hours and a fine) would say that the neighborhood patrols have, indeed, been cracking down on students (unjustifiably), at the behest of the snob neighbors, who don’t think that students should have the same rights to associate with people that they do. And with not one, not two, but three reimbursable details in the neighborhood, Georgetown is essentially a police state. I’m not sure what else they want, aside from students to cram four to a room in Harbin.

  10. I bet Altemus would hate Georgetown day if she were an undergrad now.

    The best parts have to be the 666% percent increase in student rentals – coincidence or proof we are here to destroy Georgetown?
    That and studentscause 100 times as many quality ofife issues than in other neighborhoods without students. Imagine he quality of life in Georgetown without Georgetown. It’d be like visiting Rome without all those damn Italian people crowding all the places I want to go!

  11. I would be very interested to see the surveys and data that Ms. Altemus claims to have. As an individual accusing Georgetown of lacking transparency, one would think that she’d have to release such information, especially to an inquiring press.

  12. Where can I file a quality of life complaint against the neighbors? My life would be infinitely better if I didn’t have to put up with their self-righteous, woefully ignorant pissing and moaning against the University.

    Also, if I could keep them from creeping around my backyard with a camera that would be an improvement.

  13. I’m a non-traditional undergraduate. About 4 people in my class (including myself) in particular program actually live in Georgetown/Burleith/Glover Park. The rest live in Dupont Circle, Columbia Heights, and Virginia. Jennifer Altemus is, once again, grasping at straws.

  14. The lack of sourcing (from both sides) infuriates me, but I don’t really have the patience to scour the entirety of the interwebs and find everything. A lot of it is from here: http://www8.georgetown.edu/admin/publicaffairs/spring2010_communitymeetingpresentation.pdf

    Highlights include:

    (1) Georgetown did take a “graduate and professional” (more on that definition in a moment) enrollment of 3560 in 2000 (p. 9 from link above) and say they planned on increasing enrollment to 3873 (best source I could find for this cap was an old Burleith newsletter: http://www.burleith.org/newsletters/Apr00.html) and rocket past that to 6,275. I cannot for the life of me figure out where Altemus got 162% from.

    (2) The definition of traditional undergraduate was defined in the 1990 Campus Plan (p8). Those are the rules. ANC can make up all the definitions they want.

    (3) One would have thought that we perhaps would have seen this basic arithmetic, but like I said I still have no idea where 162% came from so I am not holding my breath on her math abilities.

    (6) Altemus is basically saying “I’m going to present some evidence that doesn’t pass the smell test, not source it, then quantify something subjective again without sourcing it and put the number 100 next to it because numbers convince people even if they’re made up.” Of the 159 graduate/professional students in Georgetown (p13), 59% are categorized as a “1 student” unit type (p15). Using some BASIC ARITHMETIC since that’s all the rage these days, that means 94 students renting out someone’s basement. I’m sure they’re causing quite the riot, and possibly padding your “300 student rental house number” since you don’t bother to define what exactly that means.

    (7) Georgetown tries to sneak one by here by separating graduate (Arts) from SCS and professional (MBA, MD) (p13). They also separate the categories to make the numbers seem smaller because most people are too lazy to do addition themselves. Georgetown’s numbers leave out the 159 SCS/MD/MBA students living in those areas. Excellent effort, though.

    (8) “Based on our own observations” means “anecdotal evidence,” in case you were wondering.

    (9) Oh, Jenny, you don’t have the “conceptual plans”? Well I don’t have ANY OF YOUR FACTS BECAUSE YOU DON’T SOURCE THEM.

    That was exhausting. I hope you all learned something.

  15. I hate Georgetown residents. If you don’t like living next to students, move to Gaithersburg. Or the North Pole. But STFU with the NIMBY crap.

  16. checked out jennifer’s profile pic….. not gonna lie, i’d hit that.

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