You must be this pious to ride: Fire on Jesuit golf cart leads to restrictions

We’ll admit it—we love spotting Jack the Bulldog riding around campus in a golf cart with his buddy, Fr. Christopher Steck. For a short time this week, however, it looked like Jack lost his cart privileges.

“Bad news for Jack: he’s going to have to use his paws to get around campus. No more use of the Jesuit golf cart,” Steck wrote in a Twitter message last Saturday.

The Jesuit Community decided to “limit use of its golf carts to Jesuits” after one cart set on fire while students used it. Steck told us in an email that the incident, which occurred “a couple of months ago,” raised liability concerns that led to the stricter policy.

The facilities manager of the Jesuit Community, Gilberto Munoz, did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the incident.

Although Steck didn’t observe the fire, he wrote, “I don’t think it was anything dramatic and no one was hurt.”

Georgetown, it seems, is a hotbed for flaming golf carts. In a photo we found tucked into the deep, dark recesses of the internet, it appears that a golf cart inferno broke out next to Leo’s in 2004.

And what about Jack? Earlier today, Steck announced that the Athletic Department will provide a “Jackmobile,” so long as Steck finds a way to fund it. Our nightmare is officially over—Jack can go return to his lazy, pampered existence.

9 Comments on “You must be this pious to ride: Fire on Jesuit golf cart leads to restrictions

  1. wow…that photo of the golf cart on fire is amazing. My only explanation for the extent of the blaze is that the air around Leo’s must be flammable.

  2. Whomever set the cart on fire will get what’s due to them when they’re burning in hell.

  3. Just to shed some light on the cloak and dagger justification given for the policy change–the recent golf cart exploding incident in question occurred during the set-up for Relay this past Spring. exciting times.

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  5. He could use the exercise, but most of the objects on campus could do without the humping.

  6. Ironically, the golf cart HELPS with the exercise problem. Jack is more interested in exploring the smells in other parts of campus than in the SWQ. The challenge is getting him to those other places.

  7. @ Jack

    Hmm. Maybe a Jackmobile? A doggie version of the Pope’s whip?

  8. Loves the image of that solitary fire extinguisher patiently observing the inferno, wondering if there was something more it could do.

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