Capital Bikeshare program coming to Georgetown’s campus

No bike? No problem.

Starting this fall, the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) plans to expand its popular bicycle rental program to 100 stations across the city. Building off of the success of the SmartBike DC bicycle sharing program, Capital Bikeshare will bring at least 1000 bicycles to the streets of Washington.

And here’s the best part—Georgetown University snagged itself a station. Earlier today, DDOT posted a map of the preliminary Bikeshare location on its website, only to take it down after noticing some errors. (The heroes over at Greater Greater Washington, however, have an interactive copy.) According to GGW, DDOT is “still tweaking” the map which details all of the bike sharing stations, but plans to formally announce the locations later today. (UPDATE: The map is back on the DDOT site.)

How will this affect Georgetown students? For starters, it will mean that some of us can ditch those long waits for GUTS buses.

Each Bikeshare location with be outfitted with the BIXI system, which is a solar-powered bicycle docking station with multiple payment capabilities. (The BIXI website boasts that stations accept credit cards, a “BIXI key,” and cash.)

Under the SmartBike DC program, which was the first bicycle sharing program in the country, riders paid a $40 annual subscription for the right to borrow bicycles for three hours at a time. DDOT has not yet announced the cost to use Capital Bikeshare.

Plans also suggest that DDOT will place Bikeshare locations at two spots on Wisconsin Avenue—at the intersection of 37th Street and Wisconsin Ave, as well as immediately north of the C&O Canal.

What do you think? Will you use the Bikeshare station that’s coming to Georgetown’s campus?

Photo by Flickr user “sixteenmilesofstring” used under a Creative Commons license.

10 Comments on “Capital Bikeshare program coming to Georgetown’s campus

  1. I’m only in Burleith for the summer, but I will definitely use the one by the Law Center. I have a bike, but I’m putting it up on Craigslist because the few times I use it are not worth the inconvenience of keeping it in my apartment or worrying about it being stolen.

  2. You missed the one at Safeway on Wisconsin.

  3. Edit. The map flag is at 34th and Wisc (safeway) but the flag is labeled as 37th and Wisc. I wonder which location it will be.

  4. @ When does “recent grad” become “unemployed”?

    I made an educated guess about it. Since both of the spots list 37th Street, so I’d be surprised if it ended up anywhere else. (Although, it would make much more sense to have a station posted up outside of Safeway.)

  5. Too bad we dont see more locations in Georgetown proper. Not sure if they forgot the area or what.

  6. Bet it’s for the same reason there’s not a metro stop in Georgetown proper…

  7. @ Meredith

    Is the bike nice? Post the craiglist ad!

  8. the map now says there’s one at 1401 37th st… right outside the front gates. score!!

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