Wingo’s: The once and future wing king of Georgetown

When we decided to host a chicken wing taste test, we could only think of a few people worthy of the challenge.

A former President? Or a Big East champion? Maybe even a movie star?


For a decision of this magnitude, we had to bring out the heavy hitters. That’s why we recruited Provost James O’Donnell and Vice President Daniel Porterfield. They feasted, debated, and ultimately, chose a champion. Enjoy.

14 Comments on “Wingo’s: The once and future wing king of Georgetown

  1. I love that the Provost is human enough to mock his own Lauinger comment. Professor Porterfield, on the other hand, as wise and diplomatic as his comments were, needs to talk a bit louder.

  2. Let’s hear MORE MORE MORE, from two administrators who have a solid grasp of academic excellence, critical thinking, and articulate speech. To say nothing of table manners (the way they grasped those chicken wings). When’s the next video? What will they review? Say, I could use some insights into my advanced calculus text, more iimpenetrable than those chicken bones.

  3. OK, guys, look, what the Provost *really* wants is a cupcake taste-off. Has the Voice got the guts to get into something *that* controversial? I mean, stick a candle in it, and cupcakes really *are* beacons, right?

  4. This is exactly why I love Georgetown. That and the Jesuits in golf carts driving with reckless abandon. Oh yeah and the SFS too. I guess.

  5. “An inefficient meat delivery system” indeed. I also like that Professor O’Donnell, in comparison to the very casually dressed Professor Porterfield, did not hold back and ate his fill of chicken. Porterfield seemed to do a lot of talking, but not much eating, hence, perhaps, his equivocal judgement.

  6. I think a series of food battles featuring prominent University administrators is in order. Burgers, pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, Wisey’s vs Wisemillers, and more!

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  8. BUT DOES WISEYS HAVE THE OVER LOADED TOTS?!!! I dare you to venture to M st and try these beasts. you’ll never leave.

  9. Now I hate to bring procedure into this but I feel like having two or more administrators dealing with an issue like this makes it an external board, which means GUSA needs an appointed position. I’d be willing to volunteer. Just sayin’.

  10. When they’re chewing, these two guys look like hamsters and chipmunks!

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