Senior Dis-Orientation: Las Vegas without the strippers

When we think about Senior Dis-Orientation, we don’t typically think about its theme. (We usually think about the free alcohol we’re going to drink, and then, the massive hangovers we’ll have the mornings after.)

But because we care about you—and you might want to know—we contacted SCC Chairman Andrew Malzberg (COL ’11) and SCC Events Chair Kristie Xian (COL ’11) to tell us more about Dis-O’s “Viva Las Hoyas” theme.

Why they chose “Viva Las Hoyas” as this year’s Dis-O theme:

[W]e want Seniors to approach their last year on the Hilltop as if they were spending the week in Vegas–they should live it up! At this time of the year, many seniors become preoccupied with graduate school applications, job interviews, and thesis writing. They forget to take advantage of everything Georgetown University and the D.C. community has to offer … “What Happens on the Hilltop Stays on the Hilltop” [will remind] seniors to live their last year in college to the fullest instead of getting bogged down by the stress of the future. After all, we’re only young once.

The Dis-O activities they can’t wait to do:

We are most looking forward to the events that urge students to get out of Georgetown (for example, the Nationals game on Saturday, followed by the pub crawl in Adam’s Morgan). For one reason or another, Georgetown students seemed to be glued to the Hilltop for most of the year. These events will help get Seniors outside of the Georgetown bubble.

Differences compared to past Dis-Os:

Dis-O 2010 is different from past years’ Dis-Os in many ways. First, the theme will apply to more than the t-shirt and slogan. We have tried to extend to theme to the type of programing we planned, the names of the events, etc. For example, there will be a casino night in Leo’s, we are showing “The Hangover” on the front lawn, and we are having a Caesar’s Palace style toga party.
In addition, this year the SCC has made a conscious effort to co-sponsor a lot of events during Dis-O. The point of Dis-O is to expose seniors to a week of programing that captures the Georgetown experience. To do this, it is essential we work with other Georgetown organizations and departments. As of right now we have tentatively planned: a Career Center panel/information cession, a BBQ with GUGS, a mingle with the Jesuits, kayaking with Outdoor Ed, [and] a wine & cheese formal sponsored by the Fund

3 Comments on “Senior Dis-Orientation: Las Vegas without the strippers

  1. This looks amazing! Can’t wait to be a senior!

  2. Yaaaaay. More canned Georgetown “fun” drempt up by a committee. They even brought back the Leo’s casino night from NSO 2007. Who wouldn’t be psyched?

  3. I thought that casino night idea seemed familiar… Guess C/O 2011 can say we’ve really gone full circle then?

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