The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Wild card edition

For the final round of our “Worst Idea” feature, we’re turning over the nomination process to the wild world of Vox commenters.

Think you know Georgetown’s worst idea ever? Let us know in the comments. On Thursday night, we’ll wade through the submissions and pick out our favorites. Then, we’ll pit the best of the best against one another in a vote on Friday.

And just because we love you all, we’ll give a prize to the commenter who nominates the winning idea. (The prize is a mystery. IT COULD BE ANYTHING.)

We’ve read some great ideas already, but we think you all can do even better. So tell us, what do you think is Georgetown’s worst idea?

30 Comments on “The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Wild card edition

  1. What’s-her-face who was the only member of the election board to not regret screwing up that election two years ago?

  2. Closing the Pub after they turned it into Bulldog Alley.

  3. I second the nomination of Sophia Behnia.

    Beyond that, I nominate:
    Failing to purchase MVC
    Closing the Darnall Cafeteria
    and Craig Esherick.

  4. Closing the University Center Pub in the Healy basement! That sounds like it would have been amazing.

  5. Illegally seizing the Philodemic Society’s library and transforming it into the President’s Office. An outrage!

  6. @Dizzy – don’t get my hopes up like that! I seriously just went over to athletics’ website hoping to see that football at Georgetown was abolished. It is not. I am now sad.

  7. Hmmm…. so tough. So many bad choices.

    – Moving students and Jesuits out of Healy and its environs, in favor of the administrative bureaucracy.

    – Having Leo’s entrance open into the street, instead of Southwest Quad, completely ruining the possibility of creating a vibrant student space in SWQ/Wolfington

    – SAC. Bill McCoy. Sophia Behnia. Basically the emasculation of clubs from vibrant, independent bodies to beggarly hulks.

    – Land Bonanza. Failing to purchase or develop Glover Park, Visitation, Wormley, Car Barn, etc.

    – Radio tower sale

    – Supporting Joe McCarthy’s communist red-baiting campaign

    – Healy Pub closing

    – Block Party closing

    – Asinine alcohol policy and enforcement

    – Lauinger

    – General misuse/waste of available space — Harbin and Village C, yeesh. Having a Leavey “Student” Center that has about 200 square feet actually dedicated to students.

  8. Philodemic Society never had a library in the President’s office. The Philodemic Room was cubicled and filled with administrative staff until the mid-90s tho.

    I nominate:

    – Spending 250mil to build the SW Quad, a state-school looking mega-dorm, for no other purpose except to move students onto campus and “improve neighborhood relations.” So how are those neighborhood relations doing?

    – Buckling to neighbors and selling Wormley School to condo developers rather than use it for offices/etc. (See point above.)

    – Giving land to Visitation to expand their playing fields, only to have them sell it to developers. Hello Cloisters, thank you pious Sisters.

    – Chicken-shit crackdown on student drinking. Same amount of drinking happens now as happened 10, 20, 30 years ago; just now, more hoops to jump through, more bullshit to deal with. Way to cultivate future donors’ fond Hilltop memories, eh?

    – Chicken-shit student programming system that treats students like children, and empowers other students to lord over them like house slaves.

    – Chicken-shit student government where future middle managers and Hill staffers play a collegiate version of student council.

    – Security marathon required to get into dorms.

    – The staircase to ICC basement, because the most-trafficked corridor for all of Georgetown’s students should only be slightly less gross than Buffalo Bill’s basement lair.

    – The once-a-decade gutting of the core curriculum, because why teach Shakespeare or Aristotle when you can teach “Symbols and Symbolism” and “Modes of Perception”? What’s trendy and forgettable about that?


    – Lauinger, a monument to Brutalism too gorgeous for GU’s preppy apparatchiks to appreciate.

    – No Greek system

    – Healy

    – John Glavin

    – Jesuits

    – Founding GU in DC

    – Joan Holmer

    – The Corp, the Chimes, the IRC

  9. Fact: Joan Holmer is the best.

    Now back to the mistakes/gaffes Georgetown has made:
    Someone once told me that included in each student’s housing bill is something like 40$ per semester for “communications” which is code for the landline phone that’s in each dorm and apartment. Allegedly this is still required because the University signed a 40 year contract with a phone company in the early 90s for all of those numbers believing landline phones/modems to be the future. I have no idea whether this is true (sounds like a job for a journalist!) but it does sound something the geniuses at UIS would convince the administration to do.

    Speaking of UIS, I consider the fact that less than half of the buildings at Georgetown have wireless internet a mistake. I know they claim the dorms will be by the end of the year, but the fact that it’s taking this long is ridiculous, especially with UIS’s budget.

    And I’d like to renominate Bill McCoy

  10. Getting rid of the Organic Grab n Go that “supposedly” caused norovirus. There’s no way in hell that was to blame because way more students should’ve gotten sick off of it. Plus, that Hoya Wrap was delicious.

  11. I second the getting rid of Organic Grab ‘n Go. It was nothing more than a scapegoat when no real source could be found.

  12. So many things that come to my mind have been said already, but here are my nominees:

    -Bill McCoy: The single biggest inhibitor to student life on this campus.

    -Access to Benefits system: A close second to McCoy, stifling student groups, making them have everything “approved” by a group of know-nothing “advisory” boards, plus unhelpful and downright mean administrators like McCoy, instead of giving them a presumption of compliance with University Policy and punishing them when they are in violation.

    -Leavey Center: A “student center” with almost no space for students, designed like a maze, and (if I remember correctly) still not paid-for!

    -SAC taking away student offices in Leavey.

    -Waiting to get into the endowment game.

    -Letting the old Jesuit Residence in the center of campus sit and rot while vacant.

    -Letting Old North sit vacant after the MSB left.

    -Not making Campus Ministry a priority: All faith ministries, especially Catholic, deserve better than what they get on this campus. It’s disgusting that Dahlgren Chapel, the main venue for Catholic activity at a Catholic and Jesuit university is literally crumbling, needing tens of millions of dollars worth of work.

    -Caving in to the neighborhood at every turn: We all know how well appeasement has worked in the past.

    -Keeping University special collections and archives hidden away in the bowels of Lauinger: We own some pretty neat stuff. It would be nice if the librarians put it out on display in a prominent location. How about changing that stupid mini-theatre on Lau 3 near the entrance into some kind of display space?

    -Having a disciplinary system that presumes guilt unless otherwise proven by the student.

    -OCAF: If you’ve dealt with them, you know how useless they are.

    -On that note, the multiple kingdoms of space which exist at this University: OCAF, Registrar, MSB, President’s Office, Leo’s, Library. All are space-controlling bodies. None coordinate with any other.

    -ICC Basement staircase was a great nominee which I will second.

    -Harbin Patio.

    -Not pushing administrators which do nothing directly (but are still important, don’t read me wrong) for on-campus entities off campus to our Wisconsin Avenue spaces, which would free up space for those things (students) which are needed behind the gates.

    -Land sales and mismanagement: pick your poison. I’ll go with Visitation/Cloisters debacle.


    -UIS: Lack of wireless internet, no Gmail apps, understaffed and undermaintained computer labs, no Computer repair shop on campus, paying for crappy cable, dorms that still have to use “adapters,” et al.

    -A waning number of Jesuit administrators outside of the obvious Mission and Ministry-type positions.

  13. Bill McCoy. He’s basically the physical embodiment of the GU bureaucracy’s worst tendencies.

  14. Great thread (I particularly appreciate the additions by Matt & typical). Besides seconding the endowment (take the time to imagine where our University could be if we were/had been financially stable), A2B, land management, and off-campus policing complaints, I will add a few more historical notes:

    -Not building the third part of what was originally intended to be a Copley/WGR quad.

    -Not building this library instead of Lauinger:

    -Not more actively lobbying for a Metro station in Georgetown.

    -Caving to Vatican pressure and revoking University recognition to Hoyas for Choice.

    -Allowing New South to sit without exterior renovation long enough to become part of the “historic skyline.”

    -ICC solar panels? Really?

    -Yates’ roof? Really?

  15. @typical

    Special Collections are on the top floor of Lauinger and are really easily accessible if you talk to whoever is on duty and know what to request.

    Maybe it can be presented better, but I never had problems requesting anything for viewing.

  16. This thread just made me so fucking sad

  17. I totally agree with all these. ESPECIALLY Georgetown taking away student club space. Any self-respecting university can recognize what a horrible mistake that is. HINT: Students having a good time at college = alumni willing to donate money.

    Access to Benefits system: A close second to McCoy, stifling student groups, making them have everything “approved” by a group of know-nothing “advisory” boards, plus unhelpful and downright mean administrators like McCoy, instead of giving them a presumption of compliance with University Policy and punishing them when they are in violation.

    -Leavey Center: A “student center” with almost no space for students, designed like a maze, and (if I remember correctly) still not paid-for!

    -SAC taking away student offices in Leavey.

    Lets just hope that the people at the top read this thread!

  18. While echoing all of his sentiments, I can’t help but feel that he missed one glaringly important one:

    -Allowing James J. O’Donnell to, without sanction, wear ties that appear to be cut from canvasses stolen from children’s photography shops, e.g. “In Santa’s Sleigh”, “home, hearth, and cornucopia” motifs, “Easter bunny with assorted pastel-colored eggs”, “deer-and-running-stream” scenes, medieval tapestries, “highlights of Roman Antiquity”, and “Baby playing with/in/around an oversized, carpeted box.”

  19. As a young alumni, reading all this makes me want to never, ever, ever donate money to Georgetown. Seriously.

  20. Old North isn’t sitting vacant, it is being renovated to allow GPPI to move in.

  21. That’s not fair to all of these other nominations, dude. That should be in the Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Crimes Against Humanity category.

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