Georgetown’s missed connections: Cupcake love

With the fall semester about to begin, we decided to bring back Georgetown’s Missed Connections. You know the drill: Tell us about the cries of Georgetown’s most lovelorn and we post them every Friday. And hell, submit your own—anonymously, of course—if you’re into that sort of thing.

Wasn’t this the plot of one of those mid-nineties, Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan romantic comedies?

This post is hilarious if you read it out loud using a Cookie Monster voice.

Some late-20s man has a serious bow-tie fetish.

It makes our heart go aflutter when hipsters fall in love. Quick, tell her about your favorite Wavves EP!

Please let this poster‘s listed age (99) be a mistake. Please.

2 Comments on “Georgetown’s missed connections: Cupcake love

  1. Re: “Some late-20s woman has a serious bow-tie fetish.”

    it says m4m…

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