The Tombs is one of America’s best college bars

Or, at least Complex thinks so.

Described as an ordinary college bar “with a far better menu,” the Tombs just barely slid into the magazine’s “50 Best College Bars in America” rankings. Why only 50th best? Probably because Complex thinks that everyone in the bar “seems to wear flip flops and collared shirts.”

8 Comments on “The Tombs is one of America’s best college bars

  1. forget collared shirts, more importantly, where, exactly, is this “pool table” Complex claims Tombs sports? is it like Narnia, entered through some super-secret gate in the second stall from the right in the women’s bathroom? have the editors of Complex ever even been to Tombs?

  2. Funny that Complex even includes Tombs on their list when most of their blurb is spent mocking it.

  3. What the heck.. this place is the most bro-infested bar on earth. I’m pretty sure every patron’s IQ drops 20 points while inside.

  4. If you consider Tombs to be the most bro bar on the planet, then you clearly don’t bro hard enough, bro.

    Three parts of speech in one sentence. I’ll bro five myself for that one.

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