SmarTrip no longer allowing negative balances

It’s the end of an era, folks. No longer can you put off refilling your SmarTrip when you’re running late for your internship.

Metro turnstiles will no longer let you exit the station if your SmartTrip balance dips below zero. Exitfare machines will be upgraded to the SmarTrip touch system soon, but with a catch—the machines will remain cash only. (So, if you only have a credit card on you, be prepared to beg for money.)

The price of the SmarTrip card recently dropped from $5 to $2.50, benefiting those who don’t yet have the card. This comes after a recent hike in peak charges as well.

So overall, SmarTrip use has become more complicated, more expensive, and less convenient, making the commute out of the Georgetown bubble even more annoying.

h/t We Love DC

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