ANC Wrap-up: Choosing those pesky Bikeshare locations

After an ANC-less August, last night’s Advisory Neighborhood Committee agenda featured bikes, break-ins, and a daunting backup of private projects.

Bicycle Races

The next major topic of discussion was the highly-anticipated Capital Bikeshare program. DDOT spokesman Chris Holben announced that the two-year old SmartBike project—the first public bike-sharing program in the US—has been so successful that the city will expand it to 100 new locations and 1,100 bikes.

The new plan will include three locations in Georgetown, two of which have already been discussed and agreed upon—a spot on K Street next to the House of Sweden and on Wisconsin next to the Canal Bridge. The candidates for third location included the stretch of sidewalk right outside the University’s front gates and the intersection at Prospect and 35th, adjacent to the Car Barn.

The ANC voted to continue its support of the first two locations and, despite complaints from residents wary of potential increased noise, voted six to one in favor of the 37th and N location.

MPD’s Crime Updates

A packed audience of concerned neighbors listened intently to MPD Lt. Jon Hedgecock’s monthly police report, most notably for details about Sunday’s sexual assault in the 3800 block of S Street. Hedgecock, however, didn’t add much beyond the public safety announcement, describing the suspect as a white male of average build with brown hair, who possibly wore a blue t-shirt at the time of the assault.

According to Hedgecock, MPD has changed its patrol habits to focus more on this area, but for now are keeping their plans under wraps to “protect the victim” and allow for further, unfettered investigation.

MPD also boasted a 6% reduction in crime since the last ANC meeting, a statistic mainly accredited to a July 27 police chase which resulted in the arrest of three individuals, one of whom had a loaded .45 caliber handgun. Since the arrest, there have only been two roberies, both of comparatively minor consequence.

Yeas and Nays

The meeting included some brief dialogue on the fifth annual Nations Triathalon and the Taste of Georgetown fall food festival, both of which were approved with little debate. On the other hand, a public space permit request for sidewalk tables and chairs on Potomac Street at the side of Morso was dismissed due to the space’s proximity to residential homes.

6 Comments on “ANC Wrap-up: Choosing those pesky Bikeshare locations

  1. Good God, is there anything that residents don’t fear will create too much noise? It’s a fucking bike stand, not a dreaded pizza retailer.

  2. Um….I second Tim. It’s a bike stand…get over it!

  3. Can you get a 61D for constantly ringing your bike bell all around Georgetown at 4 am?

  4. What exactly is the threshold of acceptable noise here? What excessive noise could bikes possibly create? A legion of bikes wouldn’t be half as noisy as a single car.

    I really don’t understand how the ANC can continue to meet in good conscience, given how much noise *they* create at any given meeting.

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