Prefro … er, Frosh Preview: Crime news you can use

Just like last year, Vox has compiled a guide to “news you can use”, or in other words, an excessively comprehensive review of last year’s important news stories. Today, we cover the crime issues that made headlines.

Sexual assaults

The past three years, there have been a series of sexual assaults following a similar formula: a man enters a home, gets in bed with a female resident, attempts to sexually assault her, and leaves before the woman is able identify the perpetrator. Some students call the assailant the “Georgetown Cuddler”—an unfortunate nickname that we won’t be using anymore—though it very well may be multiple perpetrators.

While no connection has yet been made, the recent sexual assault in Burleith bears similarities to other crimes, including an assault in Copley, an assault at gunpoint on Prospect Street, and an assault on the 3800 block of Calvert Street. In April, student groups held a vigil for victims.

Hate crimes

In late October and early November, a string of hate-motivated incidents targeting the LGBTQ community occurred around campus. First, Georgetown students learned from a campus-wide e-mail that a student wearing a pro-gay rights t-shirt was assaulted.  The following Saturday night, a student was assaulted after being asked, “Are you a homo?” That Sunday afternoon, a group of students organized a flash protest via Twitter. On Monday, students received another campus-wide e-mail—this time from Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson’s office, not the Department of Public Safety—which noted that someone had vandalized the door of the LGBTQ Center with a gay slur. That night, students, faculty and administrators gathered in Red Square at a vigil for hate crime victims. MPD suspected the attacks might have been related to the gay marriage debate.


There was a string of burglaries and robberies in late March, including the burglary of a campus apartment in which the suspect choked a female student before he ran out the front door. The takeaway: Georgetown is one of the safest neighborhoods in D.C., but lock your door and remain aware of your surroundings.

Midnight Madness shooting

In the most bizarre security breach, then-freshman Alex Thiele stole a gun off a park police officer and shot a toilet during Midnight Madness, the celebration of the first day of formal basketball practices. Why? “Probably stupidity,” Thiele’s attorney said. Thiele was apprehended in Village C West. No one was injured. In October, Vox went to Thiele’s preliminary hearing.

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