Bike clinic in Glover Park offering free tune-ups

Got a bike that needs fixing up? Thinking about buying a cheap bike that needs a little TLC? Save yourself a wad of cash by taking advantage of the free bicycle clinic at the Glover Park farmer’s market.

The clinic is at Hardy Middle School (1819 35th St NW) and runs Saturdays from 10am to 1pm through the end of October.

The clinic offers free adjustments, safety inspections, and advice on bicycle care and riding in the DC area. While the weather’s still warm, Vox recommends you take advantage of the free opportunity.

If you’re a bike fix-it wizard and would like to volunteer your services to the clinic, you can do so here.

3 Comments on “Bike clinic in Glover Park offering free tune-ups

  1. Thanks Gill, for your help and excellent work on my borrowed bike (the weird Euro tubes)!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the tip vox, keep us posted on any more of this kind of thing.

    Will they be reconvening in the spring?

  3. Eeva: you’re welcome.

    Doug: yes,we will be back for the next market season.

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