Bradley Cooper speaks in Gaston, campus population swoons

Last night, Bradley Cooper (COL ’97) spoke in Gaston Hall. And by “spoke,” we  mean “gracefully dodged cringe-worthy advances from giggling females.”

The Hangover star opened up the evening by briefly reminiscing on his three years at Georgetown. (Cooper transferred from Villanova after his freshman year). While visiting Georgetown in high school, Cooper said he thought the campus was a “utopia.”

“There were tons of Frisbees and golden retrievers,” he said, “All the women were from California.”

So when Cooper’s application was rejected, he was devastated. More determined than ever, he applied as a transfer student and spent his three years at Georgetown feeling like he “didn’t deserve to be here.”

As a student, Cooper rowed crew, sang in the Gospel Choir, and acted with Nomadic Theater; he said he’s grateful for every second he spent at Georgetown.

After a brief speech, the room opened up to questions that, for the most part, consisted of the ladies of Georgetown asking the heartthrob for hugs, dates, phone conversations, pictures, and even his water bottle. (A student even commented on his “piercing” eyes, whatever that means.)

One rumor was dispelled; Cooper was never in the business fraternity, nor did he even recognize the expression “b-frat.” (Sadly, that means those theories about him basing his Wedding Crashers character on a fraternity brother are nonsense.)

“I loved the fact that there weren’t fraternities or sororities at Georgetown,” he said.

Cooper’s best advice for students? Don’t be afraid to fail.

“It’s the only way you’re going to learn. The only way,” he said. “God help you if you never fail.”

5 Comments on “Bradley Cooper speaks in Gaston, campus population swoons

  1. God, the actions of the audience members are just embarrassing. Couldn’t ask something substantive, and THEN ask for a hug at least?


  2. @gc It’s not like they were asking Petraeus or Bill Richardson for hugs, relax.

    Also, “All the women were from California”? What Georgetown did he attend?

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