Comments of the Week: A blog divided cannot stand

Jacob” doesn’t care for Venus Fly Trap:


Despite my frequent bursts of bile, I have always considered you as a playful adversary and was forced to concede the fact you are the best damn publication on this campus. That you would stoop this low by hiring a perverted attention whore makes me not so much angry, but disappointed.

Not Jason Clark” was a bit more excited:

My reaction to this news was the exact opposite of that.

Doug” discovered that we only blog in our finest formal wear:

Personally, I’ve always preferred Vox’s more professional tone to Venus’s. But I’m glad Vox isn’t confining itself, and hope everyone, myself included, is open to appreciating forms of speech that don’t fit within the well-defined constraints of Western Business Style.

Moose” asked the ANC for some clarification about 61-Ds:

Can you get a 61D for constantly ringing your bike bell all around Georgetown at 4 am?

And “Alum” had a question about the founder of the Cardinal Newman Society:

When Patrick J. Reilly was growing up, what happened that made him want to grow up to be Patrick J. Reilly?

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