Food Networks’s Duff Goldman bakes Georgetown a cake

Last night, Gaston Hall saw its second full house of the semester when Duff Goldman, founder of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes and the star of Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, crafted Jack the Bulldog’s likeness out of vanilla cake and marshmallow fondant.

Promising the captivated audience that “cake decorating is really boring,” Goldman solicited questions from students as he began painting of Jack’s blue and gray cap. Goldman opened with the dangerous question, “What is a Hoya?” to which a large contingent of the audience replied with a glib “Yes!”

After etching a “G” onto the front of the cap, Goldman moved on to an oblong gray mass on the table that turned out to be the already-sculpted face of our favorite Hoya. As he added features such as eyes, ears, and a nose to the cake, Goldman mused on his own college days and answered questions about his cakes and his show.

As an undergraduate at University of Maryland Baltimore County, Goldman recalled playing club lacrosse against Georgetown. His experience on campus made him realize, “You guys are really really really cool … before the fourth quarter was over, your team had rolled kegs onto the field.”

Goldman paused in his work to assure the crowd, “This is a real cake, by the way.” After sticking his finger into Jack’s head and licking it, he promptly apologized. “I just realized that was really rude, sorry.”

When asked if he’d tasted Georgetown’s own confectionery claim to fame, Georgetown Cupcake, Goldman admitted that he had, adding, “They were really good.”

So how did the cake taste? Given Goldman’s confession that his cakes start at $1,000, we think that’s one sweet secret worth keeping.

Photo: Bitten and Bound

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