Protesters interrupt Uribe lecture in ICC auditorium

During a lecture this evening in the ICC auditorium, former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe was interrupted by two protesters.

After speaking, Uribe began to take questions from Professor Eric Langenbacher‘s Comparative Political Systems class. Then, a man in the audience approached the stage while mock applauding. Once on stage, he began to yell at Uribe; almost immediately, he was forcibly removed from the auditorium and arrested.

Shortly afterward, a woman stood up and began to protest the man’s removal, citing an infringement on freedom of speech. The woman, who was handing out flyers about future protests before the lecture, then left the auditorium.

It is unknown if either protester is affiliated with the University.

Reporting by Connor Ciesemier.

12 Comments on “Protesters interrupt Uribe lecture in ICC auditorium

  1. meet me at john carroll tomorrow. High noon. Ill bring the fake blood and che t-shirts, you bring the chains that we use to pretend to be tied up. Its a revolution.

  2. I loathe these people so much that it can only be compared to my loathing of Jennifer Altemus.

  3. Things seem to be working when the jaded wealthy socialites come out stereotyping the protesters. I wonder what they think about when they remember how their white ancestors threw tea in the ocean out in Boston to protest imperialism. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore cuz now they have bucketloads of money!
    Yay for rich people!!! We love you

  4. Yeah Frederico, thats the spirit!!! Rich peoples opinions don’t count.
    P.S. I think about naked dwarfs when I think about my “white ancestors” throwing tea into the ocean. but maybe thats just me

  5. PPS. Thanks for not stereotyping those who disagree with the protestors and or find their methods objectionable… oh wait. Shoot. Well now I’m all confused. Looking at my income and my families income, we are not rich socialites… but I think the protesters are self righteous/wrong….. How do I make sense of this.

  6. @ Federico,
    My ancestors came from Italy in the 1920s. Sicily Tea Party?

    Good try, though.

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