Snake spotted in Hariri vindicates every MSB/Slytherin joke ever made

Voice staffer Tom Bosco spotted a snake crawling its way through the MSB Commons this morning.

That’s right. A fucking snake.

There’s only one thing left to do now. We must name the cold-blooded beast.

Have you seen the snake? Know what happened to it? Let us know in the comments.

24 Comments on “Snake spotted in Hariri vindicates every MSB/Slytherin joke ever made

  1. After rooming with a Parseltongue for like 7 fucking years, I have seen some gnarly snake shit.

    Even though I don’t like referencing the shit-storm that was the Chamber of Secrets, (I’d rather talk about the Chamber than spiders) I think this snake incident should be named exactly what it relates to…the true meaning of the MSB acronym…the McDonough School Basilisk.


    Hogwarts ’05

  2. When was the last time you saw a snake like this slytherin and you didn’t immediately show him the gryffindor?

  3. If that snake was your last snake, and tomorrow there’s no snake, could you say goodbye to that snake? Would you watch the snake slither past, would you admire or be aghast, donate every mouse you had, if that snake was your last snake? What if, what if, if that snake was your last snake?

  4. The snake was captured this morning at around 9:45am by a group of frightened MSB tech center employees and facilities workers. It was hiding in one of the breakout rooms – no doubt planning some diabolical group project.

  5. @ Chris Heller – No idea. I just saw ’em heading out of the commons with a plastic bag full o snake…
    typically if it wasn’t venomous they probably released it off campus somewheres.

  6. Now if we could just get rid of the thousand or so other reptiles in the MSB.


  8. Hmm, if I can remember from my studying/treasure hunting days as a history major at Georgetown, the Mexican flag depicts a bird with a snake in its mouth. If one follows the geographic trail, it leads right to Colombia. But what does Colombia have to do with Georgetown…I knew it! Uribe is the key! He set that snake loose to warn me against following the clues to the ancient Mayan treasure he purchased and hid with Colombian drug money! I’ve been on his trail a long time, but I didn’t think he would be so bold. Now if only there were a document with a secret map on the back that could lead me to the treasure…Why did he let the snake loose in the Rafik B. Hariri building? Hariri is an anagram of Hair Ir. Ir means “to go” in the Spanish of Colombia so we are left with Hair Go. Ergo…Ergo is a Latin term and Colombia is in Latin America. It all makes sense! I must visit Manassas, Virginia to find a key left by a Union soldier “where the sun sets all over.” I will update you on my progress.

    -Benjamin Franklin Gates

  9. Looks like one snake…..

    *removes sunglasses*

    had no BUSINESS being there…


  10. I believe this is how they are dealing with a mouse problem. They are a Leed Certified building you know. They are just doing their part for the environment.

  11. I just can’t quite seem to get over the size of that thing…

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