T Street home burglarized

According to MPD Lt. Victor Braschnewitz, an unknown suspect(s) burglarized a house on the 3600 block of T Street last night.

After hearing noises on the first floor, the residents of the house, a mother and daughter, woke up to discover that the suspect(s) stole “jewelry, cash, a laptop, as well as other personal items.”

The suspect(s) gained access through an open ground-floor window.

In an email to the Burleith listserv, Braschnewitz reminded residents to consider their safety.

“I would like to reissue a warning to those of you who may not feel the need to close your ground level windows at night to please take heed and reconsider your safeguarding standards,” he wrote.

3:30 p.m. update: DPS sent out a Public Safety Alert about the burglary.

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