This week in the Voice: Sexual assault at Georgetown

In Features, Molly Redden shares the experiences of Georgetown’s sexual assault survivors, including her own. We don’t ask much, but take some time today to read their stories.

“I wanted to speak to women who could shed light on what ‘one in four’ really looks like at Georgetown,” she writes. “And I wanted to see if their stories were anything like mine.”

News reports that DPS has tracked down one of the students responsible for the anti-Semetic graffiti found in New South and Darnall.

In Leisure, Leigh Finnegan profiles the new student drumline.

Sports dives into the Georgetown’s underground mixed martial arts scene.

In Voices, Margo Hufstetler argues that Puerto Rico, her childhood home, deserves independence.

The Ed Board bemoans the loss of free newspapers on campus.

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