Georgetown course tops WaPo’s list of oddest in D.C. area

Let’s chalk one up for liberal education, folks. In a recent list of theĀ strangest courses taught at D.C.-area schools, the Georgetown’s “Philosophy 194: Hallucinating” took the number one spot.

Taught by Dr. James Mattingly, the course asks some seriously profound questions, such as “How can we be sure that we’re not mistaken about everything?” and “What kinds of things can we know for sure?”

Other courses that made the Washington Post‘s list include “Ancient Egypt: Sex/Drugs/Rock” at Johns Hopkins, “Philosophy and Time Travel” at Maryland, and “Raising Chickens at Home” at Anne Arundel Community College.

While the Post‘s list made us chuckle, we think that they missed much odder courses. “Philosophy and Star Trek,” anyone?

2 Comments on “Georgetown course tops WaPo’s list of oddest in D.C. area

  1. Any class taught by James Mattingly is by default odder than one that is not, regardless of topic.

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