Village A window wars escalate as wookiee takes a stand against Twilight

Let the Great Window Wars of 2010 begin.

For weeks, one Village A apartment has sported a life-sized cardboard cutout of Taylor Lautner wearing a Georgetown shirt on its window—presumably as a modest measure to cover those washboard abs. Not to be outdone by Team Jacob, however, Edward Cullen fans recently retaliated with a life-sized Robert Pattinson cutout sporting a Hoya Saxa shirt and a caption reading, “Jacob sucks!”

In short, the battle lines had been drawn—student versus student and werewolf versus vampire in a fight for Village A’s hearts and minds.

Then, Chewie arrived.

In a move unforeseen by Georgetown’s Twilight community, a cutout of Chewbacca broke his silence, proudly roaring, “Twilight sucks!” (Of course, translated from its original Shyriiwook.) And it doesn’t look wise to upset him, considering the blaster he’s got in his hands.

A Justin Bieber cardboard cutout jumped into the heat of things at the last minute too, but we’ve got some advice for the trio of heartthrobs: Let the Wookiee win.

Photo(s): Heather Regen

12 Comments on “Village A window wars escalate as wookiee takes a stand against Twilight

  1. To the staff of Vox Populi,

    It has come to the attention of Chad “The Chad” Kroeger that advertising space is available in students’ Village A windows. If you could give us more information on how to attain one of these spaces or put us in contact with someone who could provide that information, it would be much appreciated. Mr. Kroeger is disappointed that heartthrobs like Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, and Chewbacca already have the above-mentioned space, while his own army of cardboard cutouts rot in a warehouse in Calgary. We can provide references on Mr. Kroeger’s heartthrob status on request (e.g. Thank you for any assistance you can give us in regards to this situation.

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  3. I guess this all beats having meaningful protests on campus…… marching against the Afghanistan atrocities, the corruption of Karzai’s gang, the mounting deaths of our soldiers and innocent civilians.

  4. @Daveroffman Jeez…is it not ok to have fun until all the world’s problems are solved?

  5. @ Dave Roffman:

    Yes, this does beat petulant kids protesting world events that they have no ability to impact in any way.

  6. Oh Tim, you and I both know that we all get caught up such in passions at one point or another; regardless of whether college students can truly impact a particular matter at hand or not strikes me as rather inconsequential. What’s truly at stake here is the development of one’s loves and interests, loves and interests which will potentially carry forward throughout one’s life. On the flipside, has your life always been devoid of having fun just for the sake of having fun? Leisure is a necessary good of a human life, after all.

  7. Don’t you mean “Edward Cullen fans recently *Struck Back*”?

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