Anonymous driver exposes self to student outside of Darnall

According to a Public Safety Alert, an unknown suspect, described as a white man sitting in a tan-colored vehicle, exposed himself to a female student on Tuesday morning.

While standing outside of Darnall Hall at 10:15 p.m., the student approached the man’s vehicle, assuming that he needed directions. (The PSA describes the man as “in his 40’s [and] wearing a striped plaid tee shirt and khaki pants.”)

When she reached the vehicle’s passenger side, she noticed that the driver “was exposed.” As she backed away, the man yelled for her to come back and tried to open the passenger side door.

The man was last spotted driving towards Reservoir Road. The student did not report his license plate.

2 Comments on “Anonymous driver exposes self to student outside of Darnall

  1. What advice does the Venus Fly Trap have for responding to this advance?

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