BCA, CAG hire consultants, plan to meet with University officials

Last April, the Burleith Citizens Association started soliciting donations for their anti-Campus Plan campaign; five months and $11,000 later, the community group has finally hired zoning and urban planning consultants to help build their case.

“As we move into the fall, activity surrounding the GU campus plan will heat up,” BCA President Lenore Rubino wrote in the Burleith Bell [PDF], a monthly newsletter. “The BCA in conjunction with the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown is working with our consultants to build our case before the zoning commission.”

These consultants add to an already-active opposition to the 2010 Campus Plan. Residents’ complaints about the plan most often revolve around student enrollment and housing. Over the next decade, the University expects to increase graduate student enrollment, but residents argue that the increase will adversely affect off-campus life. Other notches in the anti-plan bedpost include lawn signs that read “Our Homes, Not GU’s Dorms,” and “Oppose GU’s Campus Plan,” a letter-writing campaign, published editorials, and an online petition.

BCA, CAG, and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission also plan to meet with University officials later this month “to discuss core areas of concern,” according to Rubino. (In an email to Vox, ANC commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11) confirmed that he will attend the discussions.) The first meeting will address the oft-debated student housing issue.

“We hope that the dialogue will be productive and lead to solutions that will address the numerous adverse impacts that the current draft plan imposes on the community,” she wrote last Friday on the Burleith listserv. “We look forward to the opportunity to meet with university administrators and work collaboratively to identify solutions to community concerns.”

As for the nameless, faceless experts? Expect them to remain anonymous until at the University files its plan with the D.C. Zoning Commission.

“We’re not giving out information at this time,” Rubino said.

That’s that, apparently; although, we wouldn’t be surprised if one consultant is a Bob the Builder doppelganger. (“Can they build it? No, they can’t!”)

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