Ignoring ANC concerns, Wisey’s attempts to expand

As reported by Georgetown Patch, Wisey’s plans to add seating to the second floor of its building, despite an Advisory Neighborhood Commission resolution that did not support the expansion.

Wisey’s owner Nabeel Audeh appealed to the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment on Tuesday, requesting a zoning exception that would allow him to begin using the additional space. (Because the second and third floors of the Wisconsin Avenue building are zoned as residential space, Audeh needs the BZA’s approval before expanding.)

However, BZA Chairperson Meredith Moldenhauer denied Audeh’s request, noting the lack of input from both the ANC and local residents.

Last August, the ANC voted to deny support for Audeh’s plan because of concerns over a perceived lack of communication and neighborhood complaints about rats and potential noise. And because of the building’s unique design—an open staircase connects the second and third floors—ANC commissioners argued that the entire building would have to be zoned for business use.

Before October 19, the date of the next BZA hearing, Moldenhauer asked Audeh to obtain an ANC resolution supporting the expansion and work on plans to control both pests and sound. ANC commissioners expect to discuss the issue at their next meeting on October 4.

Photo: Patch

2 Comments on “Ignoring ANC concerns, Wisey’s attempts to expand

  1. The real Wisey’s doesn’t have seating. The stuff the other place serves has all the flavor of eating the panelling in Dahlgren.

  2. wisconsin wiseys has better food down to the cookies. also why do they hate small business soooo? If a zara and all the guido shops on wisconsin got approved, why cant this lovely man add a second story to his lovely restaurant?

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