Write a Homecoming haiku, win tickets to see Freakonomics

Vox has a bundle of tickets for an advance screening of Freakonomics, a documentary adaptation of the best-selling book, that we want to give to our readers. So, we stole one of New York Magazine‘s recurring gimmicks: the haiku contest.

The screening is next Monday, September 27, at 7 p.m. at the E Street Cinema.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us what you’re doing this weekend during Homecoming—in five-seven-five syllabic form, of course.

Submissions are due on Sunday at noon; we’ll post our favorites on Monday morning. (And don’t forget to leave an email address where we can reach you if you win.)

To get things started for all you bards and troubadours, here’s an example:

Alumni return

To get wasted in the Tombs

And puke before noon.

27 Comments on “Write a Homecoming haiku, win tickets to see Freakonomics

  1. Homecoming, not I

    The library calls my name

    Think twice re: law school

  2. Homecoming all sad;
    Can I celebrate this year,
    Finally win game?

  3. Football team? lolskies.
    Wake me when it’s basketball
    I’ll don blue and grey

  4. Poo poo poo poo poo
    Poo poo poo poo poo poo poo
    Poo poo poo poo poo

  5. Too many untags.
    A lot like Georgetown Day, just
    less grass; more asphalt.

  6. Homecoming blues, grays;
    A hot parking lot, filled by
    Fans of alcohol

  7. The ’80s band plays
    Wish my name were not Eileen
    I need to drink more.

  8. Wake up early, drink
    Blackout before the game starts
    Just like freshman year

  9. All fun, no play, makes
    Jack a dull boy, So why does
    DeGioia Not Come?

  10. My previous haiku should read:

    All work, no play, makes
    Jack a dull boy, So why does
    DeGioia Not Come?

  11. I live very near
    As do most of my close friends
    Homecoming pointless

    Our football Hoyas
    Are far from a favorite
    Watch Big Ten instead

  12. Lots of old Hoyas
    Acting like they’re still twenty
    Funny, but sad too.

  13. For a change of pace
    The alumni, not students
    Disturb the neighbors

  14. The end of warm days
    Mean alumni in a haze
    But less short skirts. damn.

  15. Hilltop beckoning
    Sons and daughters hear it asked
    “Hoyas play football?”

  16. All Freakonomics
    And no “There goes old Georgetown”
    Make Jack a dull dog

  17. Woke Up Drunk, Did A
    Shot of Patron and blacked out
    All I Do Is Win!

  18. It was homecoming
    Everyone was Shotgunning
    four Loko’s – stunning

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