Mr. Georgetown contestants talk talents, Speedos, and formalwear

If you’ve been lamenting the lack of singing, dancing, Speedo-wearing, joke-telling Georgetown males in your weekend plans, you’re in luck.  Tonight at 8:00 p.m. in Gaston Hall, 19 of the bravest men on campus will take the stage in the annual Mr. Georgetown Pageant to strut their stuff and compete for the honor of being chosen as Mr. Georgetown 2010.

But, the competition is fierce.  This year’s pageant has nearly doubled in size, and its contestants hail from as far apart as the verdant lawns of Ultimate Frisbee to the warm breezes of the South Asian Society.  And to make things more complicated, the contestants boast varying levels of experience.

While Mr. EcoAction, Matt Buccelli (COL ’11), was unknowingly entered as a joke by friends, Mr. Groove Theory, Sedric Nesbitt (COL ’11), brings to the stage his years as a child model and his experience on the GPB catwalk.  Both are putting in their bid to defeat Club Filipino’s Juan Ricafort (SFS ’11), the pageant’s two-time reigning champion.

Judges will be scoring the contestants on poise, elocution, talent, and physical fitness—the last of which will presumably be scrutinized carefully during the pageant’s swimwear event.  The boys will also don formal wear, be subjected to an interview, and show off a talent.  Singing, dancing and stand-up comedy are expected to be popular talents this year, although some are playing coy about their talents.

“I promise if I make it to the second round, no one will be disappointed,” Buccelli said.

And the prospect of Georgetown boys strutting across a stage in formal wear isn’t enough to persuade you to start off your Homecoming Weekend with a pageant, then come to support Mr. The Corp, Scott Breen (COL ’11), who entered the contest to prove that Mr. Georgetown doesn’t need a six pack.

“My motivation to be in the pageant was to inspire other young men to do beauty pageants, because if this short, pale, no rhythm Jewish boy can do it, then you most certainly can too,” he said.

Who’s your pick to win Mr. Georgetown tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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