Fire outside of 1789 bakery shuts down 36th Street

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This afternoon at approximately 2:45 p.m., the D.C. Fire Department responded to a fire on the exterior of the 1789 bakery on 36th Street.

The bakery, which is attached to F. Scott’s restaurant, was immediately evacuated. While DCFD officials cannot confirm the origin of the fire without an investigation, witnesses at the scene claimed to see a lit cigarette neat the building’s wooden exterior.

“We were downstairs in the prep area and saw smoke,” Executive Chef Daniel Giusti said. “I came out in front of the bakery and saw smoldering wood and a smoking cigarette in the middle of it.”

The fire then spread upwards along the right side of the building. When Vox arrived at the scene, firefighters had already hacked through the building’s exterior wooden molding and run fire hoses inside.

“It was probably been smoking for hours,” said General Manager William Watts.

According to DCFD Public Information Director Pete Piringer, the building will remain closed until a health inspector deems it safe. 1789 and The Tombs reopened once the buildings were cleared by DCFD officials.

Additional reporting by Geoffrey Bible.

Photos: Max Blodgett, Matthew Funk

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