Comments of the Week: A bunch of Debbie Downers

Maybe it’s the looming exams or maybe it’s the excessive heat, but this week’s comments were filled with mud slinging and negativity of all sorts.

Dave” channeled Saturday Night Live to be skeptical of Georgetown’s chances at a marijuana dispensary:

Georgetown residents refused to let a Metro stop be built in Georgetown, but you think they will allow a marijuana dispensary? Really?

Jacob” took Wisey’s seating plans very, very seriously:

The real Wisey’s doesn’t have seating. The stuff the other place serves has all the flavor of eating the paneling in Dahlgren.

Another ANC post, another round of neighborhood trolls vs. undergraduates:

Beltway Greg” chimed in first.

“Let me make it simple for you. If you’re under twenty-one don’t drink. It’s against the law. If you’re over twenty-one and you can’t drink without puking all over yourself or committing a crime don’t drink. If you drink just to get fu@ked-up your immature.
It’s amazing how a little bottle filled with an amber liquid can control seemingly intelligent young people.”

Then, “Young Man” fired back with a history lesson.

“I will also try to make things simple for you. Odds are, Proud Burleither is a Baby Boomer. The way of the Baby Boomer is to use it up, spit it out, then deem it Too Dangerous for subsequent generations. Drugs? Declare war on them. 18-year-old drinking age? Better make it 21 so we can push it further underground. Deficit spending and tax breaks during two wars that probably protected our Burleithian friend’s prime earning years? Enter Tea Party. So Proud Burleither says no drugs, no alcohol, and you’ll probably be paying down the last decade’s debt until you retire, but that’s only if you can find employment…”

Wait, somebody made a funny! “Stonewall Jackson” on a professor and his mustache:

Who could’ve guessed there were STILL civil war veterans around? AND that they’d be teaching at the GU Law center!

(Hey commenters, please bring the laughs back for next week. We’re looking at you, Chad Kroeger.)

2 Comments on “Comments of the Week: A bunch of Debbie Downers

  1. This article was as well-written as it is insightful. Bravo to whatever scholar created this inspired masterpiece!

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