Police urge caution after recent iPhone robberies

In an email sent to local community listservs on Monday, Metropolitan Police Department Commander Matthew Klein encouraged D.C. residents to “use caution when walking at night.”

During robberies that occurred last weekend near Georgetown and Dupont Circle, several people had their iPhones forcibly taken away from them. To remain safe, Klein recommended that those who go out late at night walk in groups.

“Your iPhone is being targeted by thieves so let’s make it as difficult as possible for them,” he wrote.

Earlier this year, Klein reported a rise in iPhone thefts in Georgetown and Dupont, despite an overall decline in crime in the Second District.

Photo: Apple

5 Comments on “Police urge caution after recent iPhone robberies

  1. So this kind of supports the idea that taking out your phone when you’re alone late at night makes you MORE of a target than when you don’t have it out and are simply walking.

  2. So, here’s what’s up. DPS should set up a late-night call in line for people walking home. If you don’t get mugged, awesome. If you do, though, you can yell at “I’m getting mugged!” at the start, and DPS will come get you. Either way, you and a DPS officer get to know one another.

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