Georgetown men among the hairiest in the country, says inane press release

According to “research” released by the Schick razor company, Georgetown’s male students have the fourth-scruffiest faces in the country.

Only 37.5 percent of men at Georgetown regularly shave, says the shameless ploy to sell razors, which is a number bested only by the University of South Florida, Harvard, and Rutgers.

Our fellow D.C. colleges—American, George Mason, and George Washington—rank fifth, 38th, and 54th hairiest, respectively.

13 Comments on “Georgetown men among the hairiest in the country, says inane press release

  1. why does the link send me to shouldn’t it go to the story on the study?

  2. What better time than now to popularize male facial waxing?

  3. Only one month until….. dun dun dun! No shave november! Unless you’re not a real man!

  4. Interesting, given the very small indie/hipster population at Georgetown. Why isn’t UC Bizzerkeley on this list? I suppose that between choosing to shave or drink, bros will choose the latter?

  5. Not surprising at all… Georgetown’s large population of prepubescent manboys -> less shaving regularly

  6. I think the mustache kid makes up about half the facial hair represented by the University

  7. As a GUSA Senator, Bill Nelson will ensure that Georgetown remains at the top (or bottom, depending on how you look at it) of this list.

  8. The fact that someone can reference “the mustache kid,” and we all know who s/he’s talking about is proof enough that these stats are bogus.

    37.5? I’m going to come right out and say it. Sample size: n=8.

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