Rope found in Healy sub-basement not a noose

The rope found this week hanging in a Healy Hall sub-basement was not a noose, according to Associate Vice President for Communications Julie Green Bataille.

“[N]ew details have come to light that lead us to believe the rope in question has actually been in this area for some period of time coiled up and was likely used for climbing activity,” she wrote in an email. “We do not believe it was any kind of noose.”

The rope, which was described as “a loose hanging rope with a knotted loop at one end” in an email sent to the Georgetown community last night, sparked an investigation of the utility tunnels that run underneath Georgetown’s campus.

During the investigation, Department of Public Safety officers also discovered “racist graffiti” in the tunnels. This morning, however, a University official told local media outlets that the vandalism was not a recent act.

“We are still actively investigating the matter and will take seriously any new details that may emerge but are grateful to members of the campus community for providing additional information to aid our efforts so quickly,” Bataille wrote.

10 Comments on “Rope found in Healy sub-basement not a noose

  1. JS says it perfectly. Before everyone freaks out, can we please make sure we have the facts down…

  2. I mean, between The Stewards, DPE, Crux Orbis, Cloak and Dagger, and lord knows who else that have been using the tunnels and antechamber for initiations and other stuff requiring a “spooky and mysterious” atmosphere, the writing on the walls has been there for ages. There’s probably graffiti in there protesting letting women into the College or allowing a Jewish chaplain or whatever else that The Skulls set were in a tizzy about decades ago.

    You’d think someone would have noted all of this during any of the numerous journalistic expeditions down there, e.g. or

  3. Does anyone know where Chad Kroger was on the evening in question?

  4. Amen, the gun was definitely jumped. Todd’s e-mail sounded like some satanist cult was setting up under healy…absurd.

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  6. During my studies at Georgetown I too investigated these tunnels. The “vandalism” that DPS is referring to, is actually an extremely complicated set of symbols that can be deciphered to make a map to the Secret Georgetown Endowment and that Algonquin Treasure I’ve been looking for. I haven’t figured it out yet but am very close. I suspect that Rocco DelMonaco and his DPS mercenaries have also discovered the symbols’ importance and is now increasing security so that that they can take these treasures for themselves! I vow to find these treasures first and return it to their true owners: Georgetown. I’ll keep you posted Vox!!!
    While I do not endorse anyone trespassing or breaking and entering, just so you know, the tunnels are quite extensive and just two weeks ago helped me to steal the Declaration of Independence, the President and a Georgetown Cupcake at the same time!


    P.S. I’m glad someone found my lucky rope. Can I pick it up at the DPS office sometime this week?

  7. It’s worse than I suspected. It’s true Vox that I have recently been in the tunnels in search of Algonquin Treasure and it is also true that I am *this* close to finding it. But the “Benjamin Gates” which has stolen my identity above is but an impostor trying to yet again sully the Gates family name. When I find the treasure, I will not “return” it to Georgetown as we all already know that it was a Jesuit conspiracy theory involving theft and moving lots of treasure and all that stuff that I’m interested in that brought the treasure to Georgetown in the first place. Now, I’m a grateful alumna, but I will be returning the treasure to the people (after collecting my customary finder’s fee. Oh and don’t forget Riley’s fee, I wouldn’t be able to find treasure if he wasn’t always cracking wise and making the lonely treasure hunting days easier. Oh and then there’s my soon to be girlfriend Dr. Abigail Chase. We’re having a rough patch right now but I’m sure we’ll be back together by the end of this treasure hunt).

    As well, I do not steal the Declaration of Independence and kidnap the president of the United States willy-nilly. I must declare I am going to do these things after making some sort of grandiose speech about the founding father’s or the Civil War or something like that. I haven’t made one of those speeches in at least 6 months so we know I haven’t been committing any well-intentioned malfeasance. The fact that someone would stoop so low as to accuse me of stealing the Declaration and kidnapping the president twice is truly frightening to me and shows that my treasure hunting rivals will stop at nothing to disgrace the Gates family name.

    Whoever you are, I will meet you in the tunnels at high noon on Columbus Day and we will have a history fact-based duel to determine treasure hunting rights at Georgetown. I will see you on the field of battle.


    P.S. I was actually using that rope for climbing and barely escaping life-threatening obstacles and it certainly wasn’t cheap (and honestly my rope funds along with all of my other funds are running low). Could I get that back? Thanks.

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