Vandals damage O Street townhouse, students yet to be blamed

Last Saturday, a fence surrounding a townhouse on the 3200 block of O Street was vandalized, according to a post on the Georgetown listserv.

This is about when we figured that the poster, Robert Laycock, would accuse Georgetown students of the damage. Let’s just say he surprised us.

“[S]everal individuals, probably inebriated, pulled off the wrought iron railing on the steps leading to the front door of the house,” Laycock, who moonlights as the treasurer of the Citizen’s Association of Georgetown, wrote. “The noise woke up almost everyone on our block.”

He added that the townhouse’s elderly residents, who did not respond to our contact attempts, “depend on the rail for support going up and down the steps.”

In summary: Georgetown residents’ property was damaged on a weekend night. The incident disturbed a number of sleeping neighbors. Another resident, who is involved with a group that isn’t on friendly terms with the University, wrote about the incident without immediately blaming students.

Shit, you guys. Is this a trap, somehow?

Photo: Robert Laycock

10 Comments on “Vandals damage O Street townhouse, students yet to be blamed

  1. “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.” Lord Altemus

  2. OK, now as much as I think the neighbors can go overboard, this is the sort of thing that poisons town-gown relations. I assume it was a student, and I hold no resentment towards them, but I urge the involved parties to be the bigger people, and take responsibility. Frankly, I am impressed with Laycock for not lashing out and blaming students. This is like stealing the walkers from old ladies, and is beneath us. Laycock has been fair in not blaming without evidence, but I urge the responsible parties to do what is right, and make amends.

  3. I can’t tell if Tom is a neighbor, a student, or other, but it is a rational and entirely correct post, regardless. The vast, vast, vast majority of students want nothing to do with this sort of behavior anymore than the neighbors do.

  4. dont piss on a live wire vox… petty. The neighbors provide us with plenty of material as is, when they give us the benefit of the doubt lets return the favor.

    p.s. love the its a trap!

  5. More underage rookies masquerading as adults soon to wander off into the real world and rage against the seemingly arbitrary
    limitations it will impose upon them but in reality these same limitations, these fences will have been erected by the very same persons who sit and cry, whimper, and howl.

    Look for this type of stupidity to increase as Halloween nears. Boo!

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  8. I have always found that the University students’ presence in the neighborhood in the evening hours brings a certain measure of safety to the neighborhood.

  9. Is everyone forgetting there is absolutely no evidence that this was students…

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