Campus Crime Watch: September 2010

As expected, the first full month of the academic year saw an uptick in crime from the summer lull, bringing the total number of crimes reported to the Department of Public Safety up to 43 for the month. A number of off-campus crimes occurred in September as well, including a burglary, a number of iPhone robberies, and a robbery of an armored car.

Here’s a rundown of some of the crimes that were reported to DPS:

  • A suspect was found to be in possession of a dangerous weapon when it was determined that he had three machetes. (Sounds like he came prepared for any potential burglaries on campus.)
  • Two assaults on a police officer occurred in September, one of which happened during the protest of Álvaro Uribe’s guest lecture.
  • Nine drug violations were discovered by DPS, of which nearly half took place over the second weekend of September.
  • A total of 13 thefts were reported to DPS, including a bike stolen from inside the Mortara Center, as well as an unattended computer and wallet  taken in Lauinger Library.
  • Two lewd incidents were reported, including one about a male fondling himself in front of a student.
[Editor’s Note: Due to technical problems, we couldn’t compile September’s crimes onto a map this morning. Once we work out the kinks, we promise to add it to the post.]

4 Comments on “Campus Crime Watch: September 2010

  1. I know the “suspect” that brought the three machetes, and it’s complete nonsense that they were considered “dangerous weapons” and confiscated from him. The kid is a professional juggler who uses them as juggling props. Yes, he juggles machetes- it’s frickin’ sick! There was a picture of him juggling at the SAC Fair in the Hoya the first week. I saw him juggling the machetes at the SAC Fair, there was a huge crowd around him wathcing- no one there seemed to be threatened by these “dangerous weapons.” It was only because ONE R.A. freaked out and complained that they were taken away. But I mean if you want to not do research and make this student out to be some crazy kid who just brings machetes to campus feel free.

  2. @Greg
    Pretty sure we didn’t make him out to be a crazy kid who brings machetes. We simply stated that DPS called it “possession of a dangerous weapon.”

  3. @Geoffrey
    Pretty sure only saying “he had three machetes” then making a joke about him bringing them with the intent to use them as actual weapons would make readers think anything but the truth about this kid.

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