Capitol Bikeshare arrives in Georgetown, sans bicycles

After debuting its Capital Bikeshare program in late September, the D.C. Department of Transportation finally installed Georgetown’s very own solar-powered bicycle station earlier this week.

The station, which is located in the House of Sweden parking lot at the intersection of K Street and 29th Street, doesn’t have any bicycles yet. According to Georgetown Metropolitan, a second station should spring up on Wisconsin Avenue next week.

Another station was originally slated to be installed near campus at the intersection of N Street and 37th Street, however, those plans now appear to be up in the air.

GM added that a fourth station is rumored to open in front of the Hardy School, near the Wisconsin Avenue Safeway.

7:30 p.m. update – Commenter “Anon” reports that the bikes are now at the station.

Photo: Google Maps

6 Comments on “Capitol Bikeshare arrives in Georgetown, sans bicycles

  1. There were bikes in the station by the waterfront this evening.

  2. Of course they aren’t putting any bikes near campus. That would make too much sense and allow students to get out of the bubble. I would hope the administration is lobbying for a terminal to be located near the Gates.

  3. The phrase “get out of the bubble” is a thought terminating cliche.

  4. What fucking cockteases. Putting bike stations near a college campus but just far enough away from the campus to be just as inconvenient as anything else. Someone’s been talking to the ANC.

  5. There was a planned station at N and 37th, then at the Car Barn, both sidelined due to neighborhood concerns (according to DDOT/ANC). The word is that DDOT is working with the University to try to find an appropriate site — apparently the CaBi system is easier for DC to run if all stations are on public property, so there would be extra steps involved with getting one up and running on university property.

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