Georgetown Law professor to be sworn in as Superior Court judge

Clinical Professor Todd Edelman will be sworn in as a D.C. Superior Court judge this Friday at the Moultrie Courthouse.

Last March, President Barack Obama nominated Edelman, who is currently assigned to the Civil Division of the Court, and Superior Court Magistrate Judge Judith Smith for the positions.

The nomination came after a long career of serving D.C. both in private practice and on District courts. After his graduation from NYU Law School in 1994, Edelman came to Washington to work as a law clerk, and later spent eight years as a trial attorney with the D.C. Public Defender Service. In 2003, Edelman received the Wasserstein Public Interest Fellowship from Harvard Law in recognition of his public service accomplishments.

Edelman, who has worked at Georgetown Law since 2004, teaches criminal law and procedure, in addition to supervising students and post-grad Fellows on Supreme Court criminal cases.

Photo: Bredhoff & Kaiser

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