DCRA grants Philly P’s new certificate of occupancy

Yesterday, the Georgetown Dish broke the news that the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs granted Philadelphia Pizza Company a new certificate of occupancy in late September.

In an email to the Dish, DRCA Director Linda Argo confirmed the ranch-and-pizza hawker’s phoenix-like revival.

“The owners have altered the interior of the property and replaced the cooking oven with a ventless oven to be used to warm sandwiches and other food.  The owners have also removed the rooftop vent [and the] Certificate of Occupancy…was issued by DCRA on September 22, 2010,” Argo wrote.

In August, Philly P’s owner Mehmet Kocak filed for the certificate after he began to renovate the restaurant’s Potomac Street location. Kocak plans to reopen Philly P’s as a prepared food shop.

Georgetown residents are not pleased with the decision.

“We’re not happy. Nobody understands this ruling. The timing of it . . . it’s strange. It makes no sense,” ANC Comissioner Bill Starrels told the Dish.

15 Comments on “DCRA grants Philly P’s new certificate of occupancy

  1. It’s time’s like this I wish Vox had a “like” button.

  2. Tuscany upped their prices over the summer in the absence of Philly P’s. Im just glad to have the competition back

  3. Yes! I thought I’d graduate before ever tasting another slice of this delicious pizza overflowing with ranch like mana from heaven.

  4. I’m just glad I will be able to shove pizza in my mouth while walking black out drunk home from Rhino while ripping out fence posts singing rap.

  5. As someone who lives 10 blocks from this “restaurant” I’m just glad I have something to bitch and moan about other than the GU Campus Plan. I think I’ll go write an angry letter filled with exaggerations to get my narrow-minded self-centered point across. “I hear the new ‘ventless’ oven is heated by burning puppies alive…”

  6. “Nobody understands this ruling. The timing of it . . . it’s strange.”

    Is there a schedule for these sorts of things? Correct me if I’m wrong, but this makes perfect sense:

    Restaurant opens
    DCRA identifies problems
    Restaurant loses certificate of occupancy
    Restaurant rectifies problems
    DCRA grants new certificate of occupancy

    The only thing “strange” about this is that for once, Bill Starrels and his gang of neighborhood bullies didn’t get their way.

  7. wait…I read that it is going to be a “prepared food shop.”

    does this mean I won’t be able to get my huge slices with ranch?? or pizza at all???

  8. I was wondering the same thing! I think it’s just Philly P’s using sneaky new language to make it sound like they aren’t actually just going to go back to feeding all of us hungry hungry Hoyas our necessary drunchies. you tricksters, you.

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  10. All of the above students are jerks. Get a life.
    And to whomever “Hoya Says….” is, anytime you want to meet me in person, I’ll gladly take you on.

  11. lolz@ Dave Roffman. he didn’t realize that comment was from a neighbor sarcastically imitating a student.

    PS, wanna meet at Rhino to take me on? I’ll bring the pizza, you bring the ranch.

  12. Georgetown Residents:

    You live near a college campus!

    Unless you moved to Georgetown on or before 1788 you knew there was a college campus in your neighborhood when you bought your house. It’s perfectly reasonable for Georgetown students to get tasty pizza on the way home from a bar. Noise mitigation and crowd control is perfectly reasonable and should be enforced, but selling pizza late at night is also perfectly reasonable.

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