Following national trend, most GU employees support Democrats

In a recent study of university employees’ political donations, the Center for Responsive Politics concluded that American colleges generally support Democrats. When a college does favor Republicans, it tends to donate much less money.

“Democrats are the primary beneficiaries of educators’ federal political donations,” Lauren Hepler, a Center intern, wrote.

The top donors during this election cycle, according to the study, include the University of California system ($483,981), Harvard ($424,478), Stanford ($375,553). All three schools heavily favored Democrat donations.

Although Georgetown didn’t crack the top ten, the study inspired us to do one of our own.

According to Open Secrets, a website run by the Center for Responsive Politics, Georgetown employees have donated $71,115 during this election cycle. Of that total, only $4,400 went to Republican candidates or organizations; the lion’s share of donations, $61,065, went to Democrat candidates. ($5,650 went to unaffiliated organizations.)

Notable names and top givers on the list include John Thompson III ($2,400), Professor Michael Eric Dyson ($4,800), GU Law Professor Girardeau Spann ($4,800), and Associate Vice President for Federal Relations Scott Fleming ($3,700).

All four chose to give to Democratic candidates, with exceptions being Fleming’s donations to former Republican Hoyas Lisa Murkowski (COL ’80) and Mike Castle (LAW ’64). However, both lost in their respective primaries to Tea Party challengers.

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  1. I have to say, I agree with what was written in the above post.

  2. this graph is terrible… could you change the colors so it’s clearer?

  3. Now let’s see if Tincent Vennant makes Vincent Tennant’s Comments of the Week. You aren’t fooling anyone, sir.

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