Wale to perform at Midnight Madness this Friday

Wale, D.C. rap extraordinaire and noted Georgetown basketball fan, will perform on Friday at McDonough Gymnasium during Midnight Madness.

His presence was previously rumored by Casual Hoya and officially confirmed by University athletics this evening. (However, a Midnight Madness agenda has yet to include Wale’s performance.)

While the announcement is a surprise, Wale wrote on Twitter that he would be playing at the event last week.

One thing’s for sure. This is a hell of a lot better than Coolio.

9 Comments on “Wale to perform at Midnight Madness this Friday

  1. “Iverson was cool, but I supported Victor Page”
    … siced for Wale to bring DC/PG to the Hilltop. Bammas.

  2. Might as well bring Vanilla Iec and Salt-n-Peppa. Rap is overproduced psychobabble consumed by morons who believe they’re getting some type of insight to the “hip-hop” culture. Baggy pants and more grabbing of your penis than you at a rest stop bathroom. Violence? Oh shorty. Rappers love women. BTW, HH culture is just a figment of your commercialized mind. Check-out GIl-Scott Heron. Now hommies, that’s spoken word. Word to your mother.

  3. Hey “Hommies”
    Glad Georgetown finally got Wale to play , and only FOUR YEARS after every other school in DC.

  4. @Mac

    Really, Wale has other songs besides DC Chillin’? No shit! You know so much about rap music! Just kidding, you really are right about Wale’s mixtapes being of WAY higher quality than anything on his first real album.

    @Beltway Greg

    Check out the lyrics to Wale’s “The Kramer”

    No. 1 hip-hop song of 2008

    get at me

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  7. @Mac, no doubt, The Kramer is dope but when he starts rapping about Mercedes and women, well, he sounds like a rock star who sings about problems on the road. Upside, downside? Downside.

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