Georgetown website debuts beta campus map, still no launch date

The long-awaited University website redesign is making strides toward finishing soon. Yet, its launch date is still unknown.

Rumors on HoyaTalk suggest that the site is scheduled to launch in late October or early November.

In an email to Vox, Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communications, did not confirm those rumors, writing that there is no “specific launch date yet for the top tier site as [they] work through [UIS configuration] issues.”

Over the last few months, over 100 members of the Georgetown community—ranging from students and faculty to members of the board and prospective students—have tested the site to help shape its development.

Bataille added that the site will include a number of new tools and features. Clear navigation pathways are planned to help users find the most commonly requested information and the mobile website will also be updated. In addition, the new website will boast multimedia and video players, as well as links to Georgetown’s social media pages.

Although it is not yet determined when the main site’s redesign will launch, the first part of the project—a campus map that has “dynamic” content—will launch at the end of this month.

The new interactive maps section will include information about different on-campus locations; each location will include photos and videos with Georgetown community members serving as video tour guides. UIS already set up a beta site for people to test the map section. (Bataille warned that the site is still under development, so delays in functionality should be expected.)

The University has also set up a blog where you can follow the progress of the new site. Until yesterday, after we requested a comment about the site’s progress, it had not been updated since May.

Photo: GU Web Redesign

8 Comments on “Georgetown website debuts beta campus map, still no launch date

  1. It doesn’t match with the actual campus boundaries.

  2. So, in essence, it’s taken them a year or two to get the same map design and features that Vox Pop did in a weekend?

  3. @shameful Bugs aside (remember that this is a beta), the new campus map is miles better than the current version and isn’t nothing close to being merely a front end for Google Maps. That said, there are probably plenty of things that would need improving upon-though being snide isn’t going to help much.

    @matt, I am actually involved with the the website overhaul and our team has gone through sweat and tears to get everything up and running. We cannot simply roll out pages over a weekend, nor can we release pages piece meal as soon as they are completed- as much as I would like to see that happening. So… yeah.. I could very well code and design a page in 3 hours, but what good would that do when there are 300+ pages too?

  4. @Mohammed
    How is it anything but a frontend for Google Maps? And more importantly, how does this multi-million dollar site overhaul contribute anything to our school, after one takes into account the time (years), the cost (in software, new employees, and labor), and the dozens of bugs the new site will have that will never get fixed (vis a vis MyAccess)?

    All 14,000 of us at GU KNOW where admissions is. The thousands of prospectives that visit every year will STILL stand at the gates and ask the first kid with a backpack they see where WGR is. Don’t get me wrong, this is a cool app, but what value does it add that Google Maps with Street View doesn’t? For that matter, what value does this new site add that a WordPress Multi-User implementation wouldn’t? The latter would be a) likely less than 10% of the cost of this new site, b) able to be rolled out in weeks, not years, c) extendable to all campus departments/groups, d) less buggy than this new site will be, and e) admittedly, SLIGHTLY less visually appealing.

    Look at What value will our new site add that UMaine’s WordPress site doesn’t have? Is this difference in value worth the money?

  5. Please fix the campus boundaries to match what they actually are. That information is easily found.

  6. The top blue bar is still kindof ugly. Any chance it could be condensed so there’s not so much empty space and things are better aligned?

    Props on having all these interactive features, though. We’re finally moving into a realm of modernity. Hopefully this is something that can spur other cool innovations (iPhone/Droid/Blackberry app, Student individual and organization websites, common templates across departments, etc.).

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