Conservatives speak at Georgetown, air out relationship problems

Earlier this month, the Lecture Fund and Georgetown College Republicans hosted a book panel to discuss columnist Jonah Goldberg‘s Proud to be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation, a collection of political essays. Todd Seavey and Helen Rittelmeyer, who appeared on the panel and contributed to the book, had a bit more to debate than politics.

We’ll save ourselves the embarrassment of summarizing the former couple’s awkward back-and-forth. (After all, we consider ourselves a serious news organization.) If you can bear the uncomfortable tension, however, the YouTube video is above for your pleasure.

5 Comments on “Conservatives speak at Georgetown, air out relationship problems

  1. I’m a social conservative of a Berkian bent.” Translation? I’m gay. No problem with that but let your freak fly baby.

  2. That would be “Burkean” bent, as in the 18th century political writer, Edmund Burke. Translation, I’m a traditionalist conservative.

  3. @Kevin, thanks. Nice to see somebody is reading up in there.

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