Drug lab found in Harbin Hall, students evacuated

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, students were evacuated from Harbin Hall after a “drug lab” was discovered on the ninth floor of the dormitory.

According to WUSA9, the lab is an “alleged meth lab.” The D.C. Fire Department told WUSA9 that seven people were exposed to the lab: three students, three “security guards,” and one Metropolitan Police Department officer.

As of 9:15 a.m., the Department of Public Safety began to allow residents—except for those living on the ninth floor—to re-enter the dormitory.

DPS refused to comment. We’ll have more later today.

[Editor’s Note: We’ve posted an update about this story here. For breaking news, see our Twitter account.]

Photo: @CSteck

25 Comments on “Drug lab found in Harbin Hall, students evacuated

  1. Is harbin’s street cred gonna go up, because they have a meth lab? Or down, because they got caught?

  2. Just to update: At about 9:30 Harbin was evacuated again and is shut down indefinitely.

  3. porn stars and druglords, what else lies in the Harbin underbelly?

  4. Seriously…who was looking for a meth lab at 6:30?

  5. @hoya, right? How do you miss a meth lab in fire/safety inspections? (Though I guess if I were the RA there, I could’ve missed it because I would’ve no idea what it is supposed to be)

    @@NotJason win on the Gryffindor explanation. New South owns its Slytherin nature — how else do you explain the swastikas? (Death eaters = Nazis, doh)

  6. Update: believed to be a meth lab, the report actually says students were involved with a much safer MATH lab.

  7. Why hasn’t the school notified us yet? News outlets are telling neighbors to avoid streets in the area, so we should definitely be avoiding the area.

  8. This is another classic case of Public Safety not communicating with the students. Sure they don’t want to say “we found an “alleged” meth lab in Harbin” (reminds me of the noose that wasn’t a noose incident) but they could send an email saying avoid the Harbin area or Harbin was evacuated, but we are taking measures a, b, and c.

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  10. You guys are all blowing this out of proportion. It was all a simple Chemistry Experiment.
    These students just couldn’t wait any longer for the new Science Building.

  11. Oh this school (no matter how much I love my alma mater) can be so foolish. A meth lab? Really? I don’t want to talk about how I got access to a Harbin 9 room, that’s my lawyer’s job. But if DPS knew anything about treasure hunting, it would be obvious that the set up was not for producing drugs but for interpreting the variety of maps and codexes that I see on a day-to-day basis. You think lemon juice is enough to match wits the Algonquins or the Secret Society of Treasure-Hoarding Jesuits? No, they were much better at hiding their maps than the founding fathers. You might wonder how I use 52 packs of Sudafed to interpret maps, but that’s a secret I must keep if I am to stay one step ahead of my arch-enemy Alvaro Uribe. Now if you’ll just let me back into Harbin, I can get on with my work.


    PS The red phosphorous is totally Riley’s. I don’t know how it got into my lab.

  12. Benjamin Gates takes this round of bad jokes/puns again.
    Chad Kroeger, where are you?

  13. Listen, yo, how was I supposed to know those chemicals would let off all kinds of smells and shit? I was just trying to get paid by doing some science, bitch.

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