TBD confirms Harbin drug lab meant to produce DMT, not meth

Update 4:55 p.m.: In its updated story, TBD is reporting that two of the arrested suspects were students and the third was a friend who was visiting them from out of town. MPD Officer Hugh Carew confirmed for the Voice that all three arrested persons were “adult males.”

The drug lab discovered early this morning in Harbin Hall, which prompted a dormitory-wide evacuation and attracted national media attention, was meant to produce dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogenic drug commonly called DMT.

Police officials confirmed the drug “after further evaluation,” reports TBD, who spoke with MPD Officer Hugh Carew.

Earlier reports suggested that the lab was meant to produce methamphetamine.

“The chemicals were those that could be associated with meth, but all are commercially available,” DCFD spokesperson Pete Piringer said earlier today. “This is relatively small in comparison to typical labs.”

Photo: John Flanagan

20 Comments on “TBD confirms Harbin drug lab meant to produce DMT, not meth

  1. So this “meth lab” was actually a few kids making DMT for their own consumption? Georgetown really needs to work on their “blowing things out of proportion” problem before they work on this whole “drug” thing.

  2. Well, and here I was all concerned that we were going to be reduced to the status of some hick school in the national media thanks to our meth dependency. Now we’ll just be seen as closer to a UC Berkeley class institution.

    Bullet dodged.

  3. How do you know they did it for their own consumption? Regardless, they still used dangerous chemicals in a dorm to make an illegal substance, so…I don’t see how it’s any better than meth. The street value is actually pretty high and they’d make more off of it than they would from meth.

  4. You’re right, they might have been selling it. And I agree that the dorm room is not the best place to be doing it, but the comments from the police spokesperson seemed to indicate that it was a small operation. I’m commenting on the fact that some substances were found in a room and the immediate headline was that a meth ring was being operated at Georgetown, which is a gross exaggeration.

  5. i know the kids, they were def making it for their own consumption.

  6. At least DMT is a safe highbrow drug suitable for use by educated elites, unlike the crude trailer trash stimulants originally suggested.

    Nothing wrong with curiousity.

  7. @Major Variola

    Really? Using words like “educated elites” and “trailer trash” don’t really help Georgetown’s reputation. Also, this story is on all the major news websites. Apparently there is something “wrong with curiosity”

  8. @Way Classier: Couldn’t have put it any beter.

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  11. Sad if you could not detect that obvious sarcasm…. oy

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  13. Sorry, they would NOT make much money IF they were in fact, selling it.

    DMT does not typically have too many repeat customers.

    For the MOST objective information out there… see http://www.erowid.com

    DMT is extremely easy to make. It’s also found in ALL MAMMALS and many plants and animals.

    Ever dreamed before? That’s DMT in your pineal gland in your brain.

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  15. @G
    mostly true but the dream thing with DMT. Strassman said he was just theorizing about DMT being used in sleep and death. It’s possible, though…. very possible lol.

    Also, DMT uses pretty toxic chemicals to make it (or even just extract). The thing is, that’s the name of the game with chemistry. Your tylenol isn’t made with sugar water so people need to get over that pariah and understand it doesn’t make the end result any less safe. With meth, you have tweakers making it out of their cars and it’s a far more complicated and sensitive process than dmt. They can’t reach a decent purity level with their methods and wind up putting more toxic shit than meth in their bodies.

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