DMT arrest update: John Romano released, others held without bail

8:40 p.m. update: The Collegian reports that University of Richmond and Henrico County police searched Perrone’s dorm room on Saturday after learning of his arrest, but found no contraband.

6:38 p.m. update: Washington City Paper‘s Rend Smith reports that officers from the Metropolitan Police Department confiscated chemicals, dry ice, mason jars, and an envelope with $1,300 in cash from the room in Harbin. They also found some K2, a legal, synthetic marijuana.

Officers also searched the car belonging to John Perrone, the student visiting from the University of Richmond, which “yielded more evidence.”

4:30 p.m. update: TBD has published a copy of the charging documents, which we’ve re-published after the jump. According to the documents, Metropolitan Police Department’s Narcotics and Special Investigations Division and University Public Safety officers “received information that there were individuals selling drugs” from Smith and Romano’s dorm room, Harbin 926. After Romano answered the door, the officers “recieved authorization” to search the room.

While searching the room, officers found “a green plant substance, a carbon dioxide cannister, homemade smoking devices, a grinder, a jar containing a red liquid substance, and a styrofoam cooler with dry ice and several jars containing a clear liquid substance.” They also found “a suitcase that has a strong chemical odor and contained ammonia, salt, lighter fluid, rubber gloves, and a turkey baster.” Later, Smith told an officer “that he believed it to be a ‘DMT lab’.”

According to Metropolitan Police Department Officer Alvin Cardinal‘s statement, a Drug Enforcement Administration officer told him “that the combination of chemicals present in the room were in themselves potentially highly flammable and explosive, and thus highly dangerous.”

3:35 p.m. update: The Hoya spoke with Romano’s lawyer, who said that the prosecution is “going pretty hard” on Smith and Perrone.

“Romano is doing remarkably well … not sure he is returning to school,” he said.

3:25 p.m. update: TBD reports that Smith and Perrone will be federally charged for “conspiracy to manufacture” and “possession with intent to distribute” DMT. According to Perone’s lawyer, who spoke with TBD reporter Dave Jamieson, the University of Richmond freshman was simply visiting Georgetown and “not tied to drugs.”

Smith and Perrone’s detention and preliminary hearings will be held on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

Original post: During this afternoon’s arraignment hearing at the D.C. District Court, it was announced that one Georgetown freshmen will be released by authorities.

John Romano, who was arrested on Saturday after authorities discovered a so-called “DMT lab” in his ninth-floor Harbin Hall dormitory room, will be released and no charges will be brought against him.

Charlie Smith, a Georgetown freshman who also lives in the room, and John Perrone, a freshman at the University of Richmond, will be held without bail until at least Wednesday, according to ABC7 reporter Julie Parker, who broke the news on Twitter.

We’ll have more throughout the day.

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61 Comments on “DMT arrest update: John Romano released, others held without bail

  1. @ConcernedStudent — I imagine you really do think Antigone had it coming to her, huh? She wasn’t striving for civil rights, either. She wanted to bury her brother, who was a traitor, who allegedly almost blew up Creon Hall with his Greek Fire lab. The humiliation was unfortunate, yadda yadda, but an entirely natural and forseeable result of his actions.

    Memo to freshmen: Sophocles comes out differently. A major theme is that family takes care of its own.

  2. @ Izzo,
    Family does take care of its own. I have no relation to a jackass who, in his second month at Georgetown, engages in behavior that jeopardizes the safety of his dorm-mates and brings tremendous national embarrassment to the rest of this “family.”

  3. @Tim – That’s cool, but I’m actually talking about Charlie Smith, about whose alleged activities, Olson emailed: “Please know that the DEA has informed us that there was never a health risk to students in Harbin.” And as for national embarrassment, I agree that those who publicized what should have remained private facts should be condemned. Hoya Saxa!

  4. @Izzo Considering the family in question (Oedipus, Jocasta, Antigone, Ismene, Polyneices, and Eteocles) was created by an incestuous marriage between a woman and her natural son, I’m a bit leery to say that their values I’d like my community to share. I’m not sure why you’re bringing up Sophocles, though, unless it’s to try to show off.

  5. Again as has been said before – you can’t condemn the media for distributing info that is a matter of public record. In fact, news organizations (and GU administrators) have an obligation to inform their communities with all the facts that are available. I understand that you are probably friends with Charlie and you are upset that he is getting so much attention, but maybe he should have thought of that before building a drug lab in his dorm room.

  6. @ izzo
    buddy, I feel bad that charlie smith’s life is ruined because he made an incredibly dumb mistake, but it is a very entitled notion to think that the Students, Media, and Georgetown administration have any kind of responsibility to cover up what he did for the sake of his future. He is an adult who did something incredibly stupid. It could have happened now, or it could have happened years from now, but I said it once and I’ll repeat myself, he is responsible for the fact that his future has been crushed. It’s not everyone else’s fault, in fact it’s not anyone else’s fault.

    Also, I don’t give a shit about Antigone. She was’t building a drug lab in a building full of other people. Her situation literally has no bearing. This isn’t a matter of someone defying a law that is unfair or unjust. Illegal drugs are illegal. No one needs them, no one is entitled to them the way someone is entitled to burying her brother. The consequences he faces now are written plainly in the law. If he had a problem with them he should have thought about the actions he took.

    I don’t know if you are defying everyone so vehemently because he was your friend, your relative, your dealer, or whatever. But if you are defending him because you find yourself in a similar, but yet undiscovered situation, you may want to rethink what you are doing because the world will treat you just the way it treated Charlie. Thats just how it works for those of us who are rational. It’s predictable, and because we are all warned that actions have consequences, it also tends to be fair. Cause and effect. Get used to it.

  7. @izzo: Having taught in a maximum prison for men, I’ll tell you what they would have if they’d had the opportunity: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    Criminal acts INSIDE the gates do not make you less culpable. To some people, being a student here makes you MORE culpable. You’re supposed to be smart, not smart-assed.

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  10. hahaha, i sat next to john in my english class, hahaha didnt know he was gunna make a dmt lab

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