Georgetown is still an expensive college, says Campus Grotto

The good news: Georgetown dropped in Campus Grotto‘s annual ranking of the nation’s most expensive colleges. The bad news: Georgetown is still in the top 15.

According to the rankings, Georgetown is the 15th-most expensive college in America. The annual tuition cost, $39,768, was ranked the 52nd-most expensive.

Campus Grotto complied the rankings through the sum of each college’s tuition, room, and board costs. Optional student fees, such as University-provided insurance, are not included in the cost.

“We take the price a typical freshman would pay for tuition, room and board,” the college news website wrote.

8 Comments on “Georgetown is still an expensive college, says Campus Grotto

  1. This top 15 is a silly statistic – the top 100 schools tuition/room/board range from $48,500 to $56,500. Not much of a difference between the 100. The problem is the media is not bright enough to look at this from that perspective.

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