A look at the new Georgetown Library: Is it better than Lau?

This midterm season, a new option has opened up for students who tire of the brutal Lauinger Memorial Library.

Those who yearn for a more civilized studying experience would be well-advised to head up Wisconsin to the newly reopened Georgetown Public Library. The library, which was destroyed in a fire in 2007, moved from its temporary M Street location to return to its original, 1935-built home at 3260 R Street.

What could the GPL possibly have that Lauinger doesn’t? It’s more of an issue of what the GPL doesn’t have—namely, overachieving underclassmen in their pajamas, a snack machine that is always out of fruit snacks, bathrooms that are constantly in a state of inexplicable disarray, a vampiric lack of natural light … you get the picture.

After the jump, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you want to ditch Lauinger for the new GPL digs.

The benefits:

  • Comfy reading chairs and wide, hardwood tables for studying.
  • Three private study rooms can each be reserved for two hours at a time. With glass doors and wide windows, the rooms are a lot less claustrophobic than the cubes in GovDocs.
  • The library is than a block away from Einstein Bagels, Safeway and that Starbucks with the rooftop patio.
  • Unlike Lauinger, GPL has lots of nice natural light.
  • You don’t need your GoCard to get in. (Take that, opera-hopeful-turned-security guard!)
  • No underclassmen—yet.
  • Lots of available working sockets for power cords.
  • A huge selection of DVDs and CDs.
  • Library cards are free and can be used at any public library in the city.

The drawbacks:

  • No Midnight Mug—but with Einstein Bagels, Safeway and Starbucks less than a block away, we won’t complain.
  • It’s definitely a hike, especially for those who live on the southern side of campus.
  • GPL is only suitable for daytime studying; the library is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Printing is a little pricier at 15 cents per page.
  • The library’s book selection is a bit thin. (Missing copies can be ordered from any other D.C. public library.)

Photo: DC Public Library

9 Comments on “A look at the new Georgetown Library: Is it better than Lau?

  1. The opera-singing security guard still works at Lau? Aww, some things never change, I guess.

  2. I would, but the only reason I go to Lauinger instead of studying at my house is for the selection of books. And occasionally Midnight MUG’s hot chocolate. GPL is probably a great public library, but I won’t get anything done if I have the option of reading a VC Andrews novel but can’t find the complete works of Harvard University Press.

  3. I’m excited to see the new GPL, and it sounds really beautiful– but is it just me, or do books seem to be one of the last priorities of libraries these days? It seems like computer carrolls, DVDs, and other electronic doo-hickeys are much more significant than good old rows of books.

  4. You’ve forgotten the ‘Cruiseiest bathrooms” in Lauinger or doesn’t that occur anymore?

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