Washington Post reports that K2 tip, not “strange odor,” led to Harbin arrests

The Washington Post is reporting that University Public Safety officers received a drug tip on Saturday morning that led to the arrests of Charlie Smith (SFS ’14), John Perrone, a University of Richmond freshman, and John Romano (COL ’14), who was released by authorities yesterday.

The report contradicts statements made by Todd Olson, vice president of student affairs, who claimed in multiple emails that “a strange odor on the ninth floor” led DPS officers to Smith and Romano’s dorm room.

The Post spoke with an anonymous law enforcement official who claimed that Public Safety officers observed a student outside of Harbin Hall smoking what appeared to be marijuana. The student, however, told the DPS officer that he was smoking K2, a legal marijuana alternative made of crushed, chemical-sprayed leaves.

After being asked where he got the drug, the student then led to officer to Harbin room 926.

The law enforcement official who spoke with the Post added that a search of the dorm room found “five small pill capsules containing suspected DMT.” An additional search of Perrone’s car turned up “several empty capsules with traces of suspected DMT.”

According to a Metropolitan Police Department incident report, which collaborates the anonymous official’s account, officials also discovered “a green plant substance, a carbon dioxide cannister, homemade smoking devices, a grinder, a jar containing a red liquid substance, and a styrofoam cooler with dry ice and several jars containing a clear liquid substance,” as well as “a suitcase that has a strong chemical odor and contained ammonia, salt, lighter fluid, rubber gloves, and a turkey baster” in the dorm room.

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31 Comments on “Washington Post reports that K2 tip, not “strange odor,” led to Harbin arrests

  1. so wait, were these kids selling synthetic mary-j too? That is exactly how I like my drug dealers, entrepreneurial.

  2. Homeless Guy Who Lives Under Key Bridge Using a Computer in Lau

    @(fake)Jack the Bulldog

    Jack would NEVER say something like that.

  3. why would DPS search a room on a tip for a legal substance (K2)?…complete bullshit

  4. harbin is full of snitches….keep your shit as low key as possible, or else some this little blonde dike that lives there will tattle on you

  5. I hope the freshman class ostracizes this bitch…I mean snitch.

    But this is also why you have to be an idiot to sell drugs at Georgetown, let alone manufacture DMT in your dorm room, let alone do both at the same time. Maybe YOU won’t get caught, but if any of your customers do, you can bet your ass they’re going to rat you out in a millisecond, especially if they’re threatened with disciplinary action if they don’t.

    Sucks these kids got caught up this way, but they were asking for it.


  6. Hoyas should not narc out fellow Hoyas. Outrageous!

    Georgetown should not be turning over its own to D.C. authorities for drug and alcohol offenses. Outrageous!

    I speculate that all this safety hullabaloo is about as meritorious as the Iraq WMD claims. University officials must not mislead us as they kick our brethren down the road to Calvary. Outrageous!

    What sanctions are to befall the University officials whose negligence could have turned Harbin into a 21st-century Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire disaster? Outrageous!

  7. This is why we can’t have peace on this campus, because of bunch of smart asses think the rules don’t apply to them and that nothing and no one should stand in the way of the inalienable right to poison their bodies and minds. I look forward to the day when the stupidity of the above commenters inevitably leads to their own arrests and Vox posts.

    Hey, Narc, if you’re reading this, don’t let the chem fueled rage of these idiots get you down.

  8. @Izzo HOYA

    “turning over our own”? These kids haven’t even taken a single final exam at Georgetown. Anyone dumb enough to get caught like this doesn’t get protection from getting narc-ed on.

  9. @Jacob, by your logic, we should all stop drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, as well. Heck, if you’re so worried about poisoning other people, don’t ever use another gas-powered vehicle, cell phone (coltan) or computer (e-waste) ever again. The toxicity of DMT is way lower than alcohol. Seems to me you’re more worried about breaking ridiculous laws than anything. “Poisoning minds” hahaa.. clearly, you haven’t taken any Econ courses or Uribe lectures at this school.

    @Izzo Hoya: you obviously didn’t get Dr Olsen’s message that these students never put anyone else at risk.

    @birdinhoyacourt: they kept their private business to themselves, and never bothered anyone else. they got caught because of the narc.

    @rick: no need for homophobia to get your valid point across

  10. @Jacob, as Mike just politely said, you’re an idiot. DMT and marijuana are not neurotoxic. Alcohol, on the other hand, is. So maybe it’s time you stop being a blind follower and start thinking about why certain laws are in place and what they say about our government system.

  11. @Jack the Bulldog – Perhaps snitches get “cura personalis,” or at least they should, at Georgetown.

    @Birdinhoyacourt – When Caiaphas asks, “You are not also one of his fellow Hoyas, are you?” I suggest we not not deny it. Although I must confess, it would amuse me if you meant to suggest that only those Hoyas receiving Latin Honors should receive the community’s license to sell drugs and not get snitched on.

    Sometimes our fellows fail to see the forest for the trees or experience lapses in judgment. Freshmen are particularly prone to this. First semester freshmen in the SFS may still think, for example, that being a Congressional intern is cool and highly prestigious. Or that running for GUSA is a good way to use their own, and their friends’, time. Should they have to do time for that? No. Georgetown is a place where we learn and grow. It is not a place where we go to be sitting ducks for some Inspector Javert’s perverted sense of law, order, and justice.

  12. anyone that wants to call that kid a snitch, or try to decry “the system” that will very justly punish those two is a jackass. read the dea report, realize that the chemicals were, in themselves, highly flammable and explosive. no one gives a fuck if they deal or smoke in their room, but when it affects people around them, the situation changes. you guys can talk a big game, but everyone living near their room was, though inconvenienced, glad to be safe.

  13. Georgetown=a bunch of students, when not blacked-out two nights a week, that contribute lamely to 8 different student organizations, worry about their future “success” endlessly, and post hateful comments on blogs without even knowing the facts about a situation. Furthermore, these students are covetous of all that has ever been handed to them in their life. Lastly, they hate on anyone who uses non-neurotoxic substances like K2 and weed. In a few years these same people will be asking mom and dad for a new liver.

    I go here. You guys aren’t all like this. For those of you that are, stop viewing your college experience as a booze-fueled, pre-professional adventure on your parent’s credit card and start learning for the sake of learning. In fact, don’t learn for the sake of inter-religious understanding either; that should be byproduct, just like your success should be. And stop hating on people who, despite their grievous mistakes, would lend a hand to a stranger before you would.

  14. @Izzo
    “Although I must confess, it would amuse me if you meant to suggest that only those Hoyas receiving Latin Honors should receive the community’s license to sell drugs and not get snitched on.”

    Nope, all I ask is that they be older than first semester freshmen. For verily I am a generous bird who lives off your table scraps but I do have my own limits to whom I do and do not consider to be Hoyas.

    @Mike, a customer was toking on freaking Harbin patio, such amateur hour bizness should get shut down just on principle

  15. @bird – Amusing and clever. Suppose our budding young entrepreneur had actually kept all evidence out of his dorm, refrained from sending incriminating text messages, kept his box of goodies stashed somewhere safe like the GUSA office (hey, maybe running for GUSA isn’t such a waste?), and used places like Lauinger stacks for his transactions, and avoided being predictable, then maybe we wouldn’t poke fun at him for being a dealer with the skills of… a first semester freshman. As amusing as this human tragedy may be twisted out to be, it remains true that the punishment this boy will suffer is cruel and vicious several orders of magnitude beyond what could possibly be just or reasonable.

  16. @Izzo
    Again, get real. Calling this a human tragedy is ridiculous. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. It’s that simple.

  17. @Izzo
    And not to be a spammer, but seriously, everyone knows that freshmen make mistakes. Like you said, some will run for GUSA and realize thats not actually what they want, etc. Thats fine. That situation has almost nothing in common with the freshmen who decide its a good Idea to make and sell drugs in their room. If you don’t have enough of a brain to figure that one out, I’m really not sure what you’re doing at Georgetown.

  18. In my four years at Georgetown, I never once interacted with anyone as profoundly ignorant and misguided as “Izzo” or “tunde adibimpe.” They could get locked up with our resident drug dealers for all I care.

  19. It is still tragic that drug offenses hurting no-one can have serious negative consequences affecting someone for life. I would like to think even Georgetown students can question why we have the laws that we have. You get to some interesting conclusions.

  20. It’s time to stop feeding the trolls. If we all stop responding to these shitheads (see: Izzo H.O.Y.A.) they’ll eventually get bored and stop commenting.

    Ignore them.

  21. @danny

    no, we won’t get bored and stop commenting. the judgmental and unforgiving tone in many of these comments indicates some of you need reminding with regard to 3 key things: the manner about which the university handled the situation (which i think we all, even dr olsen, can agree was subpar to say the least), the snitching that factored into the ultimate fate of these boys, and the balance between crime and punishment, which here is non-existent seeing as how these boys’ lives were ruined overnight only because they were making illicit substances in a freshman dorm. let’s use common sense.

  22. Stop calling it snitching. That shows a misunderstanding of the context. Based off of the story, it sounds like DPS went extra-legal on this kid with a legal substance. I’m thinking the situation played out as the officers implied or overtly threatened the kid for information despite not doing anything wrong. Frankly if some cranky chip-on-their-shoulders came up to me I would comply with them just to get them to leave me alone and avoid any trouble.

    Snitching for me anyway implies going out of your way to get a group in trouble. I don’t fault the kid because he was questioned.

  23. “Lastly, they hate on anyone who uses non-neurotoxic substances like K2 and weed. In a few years these same people will be asking mom and dad for a new liver.”

    actually smoking weed and k2 mostly causes gallbladder damage…

  24. @@tunde adibimpe: why, a connection between cannabis and gallbladder damage? that’s news to me. please do tell us the source for this fabricated yarn.

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