Muncheez Mania: A crêperie with a personality disorder

The world of Georgetown restaurants is cut-throat. From cupcakes to kabobs, most end up in ruthless competition with at least one rival. (Think Chipotle vs. Qdoba, Georgetown Cupcake vs. Baked & Wired, or Wingo’s vs. Wing Co.)

The result? The restaurants that survive the brawl are delicious and provide top-of-the-line service. So, when a new crêperie opened its doors last week to challenge the likes of Crêpe Amour and Café Bonaparte, I decided to scope out dessert juggernauts’ competition.

When you arrive at the establishment at Muncheez Mania, located at 1071 Wisconsin Avenue, you enter into a strange fantasy land of old hip-hop tracks, neon cityscapes, and ultraviolet light. Luckily, those who prefer not to relive the 1990’s can purchase crêpes from a street-side window.

The menu features a full menu of snacks and small meals ranging from $3 to $7. A hodgepodge of eastern Mediterranean and American fusions, such as the “Frankfurter Wrap” and “Beef Brisket Cheese Steak,” are served with Lebanese spices wrapped in saj, a salty flatbread with the flavor and texture of pita and the approximate thickness of a Swedish pancake. (Almost every item on the Muncheez menu incorporates some version of saj.)

The falafel wrap, my first order, was dry and difficult to taste, considering the cilantro stuffed into the wrap. While the saj was tasty, the wrap’s ingredients were mediocre and disproportionate. For dessert, I tried the “Chocó-max crepe.” For such a grand and wacky title, this sweet-tasting crêpe was also underwhelming. In fact, it wasn’t even a crêpe—it was saj doused in chocolate syrup and Nutella.

Dry, salty bread and Nutella? No thanks.

Muncheez Mania flaw lays in its identity crisis; a Lebanese-French-American crêperie-falafel shop-hot dog joint complete with French fries and salads may offer a ton of choices, but it doesn’t fill any niche.

For salad, go to Sweetgreen. For crêpes, visit Crêpe Amour. Falafel; try Morso Express. The atmosphere at Muncheez Mania may be funky—and the saj is tasty and unique—but it’ll need to do some soul-searching before I’ll visit again.

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